Apr 09

Your Own Product Online For Sale The Easy Way

Your Own Product Online
For Sale The Easy Way

Today I want to share with you a fast and
easy way to get your own product for sale
online. I’m not going to go into full details in
this post about the exact process but I am
going cover the basic steps. There is plenty
of information on Google and Youtube go
into detail about how to do things.

Have you ever heard of Jvzoo?

I’m sure you have by now. Well guess what
you can list your products for sale on Jvzoo
and it’s absolutely free.

Your probably saying to yourself right now
“But I don’t have a product so how can I sell
something I don’t have?”

Don’t worry. The solution is simple. It’s
actually no problem at all and your about to
see why.

Have you ever heard of PLR and MRR rights
products? These are products that are already
produced and they give you certain privileges.
They almost always come with your rights so
read them and pay close attention to what
rights you do have.

I’m sure you all kinds of PLR and MRR
products laying all your hard drive. Right?

Well this is what we’re going to be using.

If you want a selection of literally 1,000’s of
PLR and MRR products to choose from then
I highly recommend
They have tons and tons of products and are
adding more weekly. Plus they have many
other benefits too many for me to list here.

First look for a high quality PLR or MRR.
Make sure it has a nice sales page. It’s
helpful if they have a thank you and a
download page but if not that’s alright. It’s
not hard to make your own. If you need help
with making your thank you or download page
Google or Youtube will have your answers.

If you would prefer to have a squeeze page
but the product doesn’t come with one don’t
panic, there are plenty of software that can
help you make a nice looking squeeze page.
One that I use and recommend is Squeeze HD.

Try not to use a MRR product that has already
been plastered all over the internet a million
times. You’ll look like the guy sitting next to
you and your product won’t stand out. MRR
doesn’t give you the rights to change the
images or the content in the actual material
so the more people who put one of these
online the more same-o-same-o. But don’t
worry not to many people know about what
I’m about to show you.

If you choose a PLR product they usually
come rights that allow you to change most
anything. Make sure you read the rights
before you do anything though. Change the
graphics, the title name and some of the
content so it sounds like you and has your

Then head over to JVzoo and log into your
sellers account. If you don’t have one then
get one they are free and easy to set up.

Up towards the top of the page click on
Seller’s Dashboard from the Sellers drop
down menu.

OK towards the top right you’ll see where it
says Add A Product (It’s FREE) click that.

Now you will go through and enter all your
information and click the save product.

After you have done this you might still have
to upload your sales page and the product
files. The system should let you know.

Once you you have completed those those
steps you officially have a product online for

I realize that was a brief outline of how it’s
done but this subject could be whole product
by itself explaining everything. It would make
this post way to long.

Besides like I’ve been saying between
Google and Youtube you will get almost all
your questions answered.

But, if you want a shortcut and learn this
process the way I did a good friend of mine
Rick Roberts has made a complete video
course that takes you step by step from start
to finish. I highly recommend this video
course. Rick explains things in an easy to
understand fashion that will let you have your
first product online and up for sale by the end
of the night. Click here to find out how to get
your products online and start selling them.

If you have any questions or comments
please leave them below.





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