Workin 9 to 5…What a Way to Make A Living

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Remember that song by Dolly Parton?
Yeah for some reason you automatically
wake up 10 or 15 minutes before that 
stupid alarm clock goes off.
You close them eyes thinking I’ll just
shut my eyes a little bit more before I
actually HAVE to leave the comforts of
this nice warm bed.
Then that dreadful noise sounds off…
No more putting it off.
It’s time roll out of bed and go pour
yourself a cup of ambition.
You do this day in and day out, year
after year it’s the same damn thing.
Over and over it REPEATS itself never
Off to work you go.
Now it’s time to battle the traffic and
you know if you get hung-up it’s gonna
make you a wee bit late.
Now you and I both know the boss 
couldn’t give a hoot-n-nanny or a
rooty tooty tootsie roll why in the world
your not on time or even how evolution
made you late. Don’t even try dat excuse 
it don’t work…LOL
All he knows is the time your not there
he ainta makin his moolah.
So yep you get your ACE chewed out
and now you’re on his sh*t bucket
list for who knows how long.
Sounding familiar?
Thought so.
You know I watched my Stepdad
dedicate 35 years of his life to ONE
Get up each morning…same time.
Go through the same morning routine
getting ready for his workday…everyday.
Drive the exact same route to work…
Drive to the same place and park in the
exact same parking spot…everyday
Good thing was he learned how to do
several jobs there so he could bounce
from one work station to another to help
break up some of the monotony. Yippee
He would get off work at the same time
everyday…I guess that’s not so bad, and
head over to his truck that was parked
where it always was…everyday
Drive the exact same route home that he
drove to work in but only in the opposite
Do you see where we’re going here?
He would change things up by drinking
a few beers after work on Wednesday
evenings… every Wednesday oh joy joy
The only time this man really had for
himself was his weekends and even then
the company on many occasions would
request him to work on one those days.
Now his hours weren’t 9 to 5 but man oh
man, I gotta say “What a sucky ducky 
way to make a living”.
Do you agree with me?
Of course you do.
Heck I’d rather not wake up to a stupid
old annoying alarm clock unless it’s
making sure I’m not going to be late for
my fishing trip. YeeHaw
And you know what those morning
commutes they don’t have to be so bad.
Do ya know why?
You’re just going to truck on over to 
where ever it is that you’ve decided to 
setup your home office.
Or maybe after the traffic has settled
down you might want to head on over to
the beach or the lake and hangout while
your working. The choice is yours just grab 
your laptop and go work anywhere maybe
even the park, as long as there’s internet
connection you’re set to go.
This is all possible once you build a 
responsive email list.
Now for those of you that have read this
and are still with me I’ve got something 
My mentor has talked me into lowering
the price of List Building Crew 
membership to a ridiculously low price.
I’m doing this because I want to help as
many as I possibly can get started building
a responsive email list the proper way.
Do yourself a favor and go here now
before I raise the price back to where it was
and quite frankly where it should be.
List Building to Success
Roy A. Jones


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