Work Smarter and Repurpose Your Content

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Benefits-Why you should repurpose content

Let’s face it, content creation is time consuming it’s downright

hard work at times.


Sometimes the information flows right out of your brain naturally

and it makes the process seem easy.


Then there are those times when you get tongue twisted or you

seem to be at a lack of the correct words, or that thing they

call writers block. Whatever the case may be there are those

times when you want to create some new content but just seem to

be having a difficult time with it.


This is the perfect time for you to repurpose some of your

older content.


The thing is you have more than likely already made some pretty

darned good content and have it out there somewhere…Am I right?


Why bust your butt creating creating new content when you already

having some that’s ready to be used.


There are a multitude of ways to share the same content if you

take a little bit of time and reformat it. Keep reading and we’ll cover

a few of these ways in a bit.


One of the many benefits of reformatting the same content and

placing it in different arenas across the internet is you will expose

yourself to new and fresh audiences.


Probably one of the best places to find some killer content you

can repurpose will be found right inside your blog archives.


Just go have a looksie at your sites analytics and see which

posts have perfomed the best in the last month or even in the

last year. These are going to be perfectly good candidates for



Alright now that you’ve got your paws on some righteous content

let’s have a look at a few different ways we can repurpose them.



1- Create new posts/articles from each point being made in

previous posts/articles


Break the article down to each item it discusses and expand on

the point that’s being made.

More than likely each article will cover several subtopics so

take each subtopic and write an article about that particular

topic. COP-ISH?


2- Create a slideshow


Simple enough, break the article down into a slide show and share

it on a platform like slideshare.

This can be easily done by taking the main points of the post and

then create your slide show by using Powerpoint or you can also

use OpenOffice Impress.

A few other sites you might want to share your slide shows on are;


OH you don’t know how to do that. Hmmm…well without me getting

this post all long winded how about I just suggest we go over and

ask our good old buddy Google to show us the things we don’t



3- Make an infographic


Infographics are a great way to immediately grab someones

attention and they are fairly simple to make.

Just make a complete summary of the major points and break them

up into seperate sections.

Here is a place you can go and do this for free. YEP free-ba-

mundo ===>>



4- Refresh old content that may need updating


Some of your content might need some refreshing.

You may have written some articles that are evergreen but as

quickly as this this here internet thing changes it might be that

a little bit of your info may need some updating. Just a little

fine tuning.


After that go ahead and republish it.



5- Post your posts/articles links to social media


Don’t be bashful post links about your posts and articles in the

social networks that you hangout in. I don’t mean to go and spam

places you must be kind and polite but place your links out there

in places where it’s allowed.



6- Break your posts/articles into smaller sections to be used

as an email sequence


Having a problem about coming up with something to write to your

subscribers about?

You’ve already taken the time to write the content once…why not

just copy and paste short sections from some of your posts and

email them to your list!



7- Use your content as a backbone for creating ebooks


You have all that content already laying there.

Organize it in a fashion that will allow all the information to

flow together, throw an ecover on it then turn it into a PDF

format and VOILA you have just created an ebook.



8- Turn the content into a video for youtube


You could easily put your slide show on YouTube but you can also

record yourself speaking out one of your articles and post that

onto YouTube.

If you’re uncomfortable about recording yourself on video then go

to and have someone else do it for ya.



9- Make a podcast with posts/articles

This is way out of my league since I’ve never made or even

attempted to make a podcast so this is merely a suggestion.



10- Use the content as a base for a webinar

Again sorry folks I’m in unfamiliar territory with this webinar

stuff also so it too is simply a mere suggestion



Alright there you go. No more excuses, now get out there and

do some some content repurposing.


As usual go ahead and leave your comments, questions and

complaints below.


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