Why It’s Important To Start Building an Email List TODAY!

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There is a very good reason why many people get
scared off and run for the hills when they hear the


Let’s face it… at first it sounds downright scary and


I mean setting up a squeeze page.

Creating or finding a freebie for that squeeze page.

Creating a download page.

Do I send them to a download page or a welcome page
in the beginning?

Having to set up a website or a blog.

Having to get an autoresponder.

Then having to write an email sequence inside of that

Oh Boy now here we go with the sales funnel.

The upsells the downsells, what should the frontend offer be
and how much should I be charging.


And that’s not even close to everything that needs to included.


Look those are all very real and valid fears. I know, Ive been there


Here is the thing, you’re not going to learn all this by tomorrow or
have everything set up and running in perfect order within 3 or
even 4 days so let’s slow the pace down and break everything into
baby steps so we can take little bitty bite sized chunks one at a time.


Easy enough Right?


That’s gonna take most if not ALL the confusion out of it.


This is not hard to do but it does take time and some work but once
it’s set up your job is to keep traffic flowing through it and it will provide
with an income for years to come.


SO now that we conquered FEAR and knocked him on his butt let’s
move on to why you really need to stop procrastinating and start
building yourself an email list as soon as possible.


First off if you’ve followed me at all you’ve already heard me say this
before but here we go again…Talk to any successful internet marketer
that has an email list and they are no doubt going to tell you that the
most valuable asset in their business is their email list or email lists.


They will will also tell you they wish they hadn’t waited so long to start
their list building journey.


Listen to me here for just ONE SECOND…OK.


Once you get involved with list building your going to discover that it is
actually kind of FUN. Especially after you make that first sale once you
click that send button. YUPPERS.


Lists are no new thing I mean even Santa Claus has his to check and
see who has been naughty and who has been nice. OMG…LOL  😎


No really though before internet became really popular and back in the
day when slug mail was the most popular home content delivery
source every big marketer wanted your home address so they deliver
what is known as junk mail. We still get that today.


But let’s face it when you see all the BIG DOGS like Mcdonalds,
Burger King, Wendys, Fred Meyer, Safeway and the many many many
other big names out there vying for our email addresses there just
must be something to this email marketing thing.


And there is!!!


It Works! Even for us little guys.


That’s right don’t even for one little BITTY second let the size your
stop you from getting on with building yourself a highly responsive
and profitable email list.


Here is another reason why you might consider getting started
building that there list.


Consider this…


Someone contacts you with an offer to buy your website or blog.


You get all excited, but I’m here to tell ya your blog is going to hold a
lot MORE value if you have an email list you can offer with it.




Starting to make a little more sense.


Also ===>>


Once you’ve built a good KLT (Know, Like, Trust) with your list shoot
out an email with a link in it to an offer you think will be helpful
beneficial to them and if the offer is suitable for them at that
time BINGO you will have just made a sale.


Email is not going to go away anytime soon.


You don’t have to purchase postage stamps, you click the send button
and they receive their email straight away whether it’s an email being
sent to a friend or a marketing email. It just gets there like right NOW.


I’m not going to go into detail here but the ROI (Return On Investment)
is still one of the best bangs for the buck your going to see in internet


Once you have set up a good rapport with your list you send them to
a relevant offer 24/7/365 and BAZINGA make some some sales and


AHA! Starting to see the picture a little more clear. lol


Your email belongs to YOU.


No more playing around with Googles algorythm changes or trying to
figure out SEO crapola. Just send your list where ever you choose to.

Simple as that.


I think you get the BIG PICTURE why need to get started building
that email list as soon as today.


If you want to get serious about it and take action RIGHT NOW then
click the link below.




Any comments or questions please feel free to leave them in the
comments section below.









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