When To Start Marketing To Your List

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When do I start marketing

to my list?

I’ve been getting asked this question a lot
lately. If you asked 10 different internet
marketers this question you would probably
get between 8 to 10 different answers. So I’m
going to tell you how I feel about marketing
to your list.

You’ve put a lot of effort into your list building
campaign and your email marketing skills are
a vital part of success in this process.

The first thing to take into consideration is
everyone on your list is a human being.
I know……of course they are silly Roy.
If everybody understands that one thing then
why are our inboxes filled everyday with buy
this-buy that?

You know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you
are on several email lists. Some of them
immediately get deleted when you see who
the sender is. That’s because you know that
email is going to want you to purchase some
kind of garbage. While others you can’t wait to
open because the sender usually sends
valuable content, advice or some kind of a

Going by those two examples how do you
want your list to perceive you as an internet
marketer? I don’t know about you but I enjoy
helping others so I would rather have my list
waiting for and wanting to open my emails.
Keeping in mind you can not please
everyone so don’t even try.

The first email I send out is to congratulate
them for requesting their free gift or for their
their purchase.

I try to send out a short survey within the first
couple of emails asking what they are most
interested in learning about or what obstacle
is keeping them from reaching their goal.

This does two things:

  • It let’s you know what your list is most
    interested in so now you can be more
    precise with the content, gifts and offers
    you send
  • It opens up a line of communication
    with your list


Now that you have a general idea of what
they are looking for give it to them. Offer them
free advice and software or whatever you
think will fill their needs. You will be
surprised how quickly you can gain the trust
with a few people on your list. Like I said
earlier you can’t please everyone so some
people just are not going to like what you
send to them no matter what. And there’s a
good chance your email won’t even get
opened by many others, we are just
conditioned these days to delete, delete and
delete emails because our inboxes get so
full of junk everyday.

Especially in the beginning send them a gift
or something they want or need. This way
they will be waiting for your emails to come
because they know that tucked away inside
your email is something they want.

I like to send an email out 6 or 7 days a week
at beginning to my new subscribers. This way
they have a chance to get to know and like me.
Some people do this for 2 weeks while others
mail every day for 30 days. After this period is
up drop your email sequence down to 2 or 3
per week.

Now as far as the actual marketing goes, try
not to sell anything for at least the first 3 to 7
days. When you do offer that first sell make it
a soft sale. Recommend they get a domain
name at Hostgator then use your affiliate link
to direct them there. Or we all need to be
building a list so recommend Aweber or
Getresponse, again using your affiliate link.
You get the idea simply recommend
something they need, that way you don’t look
like a pushy sales person. I always try to let
them know those are affiliate links and if you
purchase anything I will probably be
compensated in some way. Just like here.
All these links are my affiliate links.

I do occasionally put a link on the download
page for a related product that they can

Basically if you don’t like to be treated a
certain way then don’t treat others that way. If
you like the emails you receive from certain
internet marketers then most definitely pay
close attention to what and how they do their
marketing. Then try to imitate what they do
that you like.

I’m not saying this is the best approach.
This is the way I have been doing it.

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