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To Much Information Overload

To Much Information

I can totally relate to information
In my opinion part of
this problem comes
from what I
call S.O.S. (also known as
object syndrome.)

Another problem I personally
had, and still
do from time to
time, is the need to know

everything about everything.

To solve the first problem focus
is the answer.

Find one subject that interests
you and stick
to learning about
that one niche only.

For me right now that is list
building. I only
focus on things
that will help me to grow my
or improve my relationship with
my list
(I prefer to call them my
cyber friends). I don’t
get side
tracked about building a
site, learning how
to write a perfect kindle
learning how to make money on
or anything else that has
nothing to do with list

Although I’m interested
in learning more about these
topics, if I go chasing for info
about them it will take away the
time I have dedicated to
building my list.

Maybe later once I’ve
established a good sized
responsive list and I’ve become
comfortable with my list
building skills I might
venture out
to learn something new. But not
until I’m 100% comfortable with
what I’m trying to
with my list building goals.

The problem with continually
putting new info into
our brains
is we never get a chance to
really put what we are trying to
learn into action.

Instead of giving our minds the
chance to learn one
thing we
end up trying to learn twenty
Eventually when you go
back to what you were focusing
on in the first place you’ll have
most of what you
learned because your brain was

trying to process all this other
information. Now
you’re back to
square one.

A lot of us jump from one thing
to another way too
see, most of the the time when
you stop
working at something
you have been diligently hard
work to complete another shiny
object or magical
press this
button shows up and we quit
what we have
worked so hard
on. Most of the time if you have
a considerable amount of
time and hard work you are
close to start seeing profits.

If you focus on one subject and
set some small achievable
for yourself your mindset
will change.

You’ll find you have a sense of
urgency. Then projects and
will begin to become
completed and you’ll find your
moving forward in a
positive direction.

Once you become truly focused
on one niche the
problem of
S.O.S. will no longer exist
because you are
not going to
buy every get rich golden button
(that doesn’t
exist anyway) that
winds up in your email inbox.
every one of them will
pertain to what you’re focused

You will become extremely
focused on task at hand and
have no
time to waste by
chasing all those time wasting
shiny objects.

This also gets rid of information
overload because you’re now

focused on learning about one
topic not twenty or thirty.

Another thing about info
overload is this. We are never
going to
learn everything there
is to know about internet
marketing. There
is just way to
much information for our minds
to comprehend.
That’s ok
because we can outsource,
Google or go to YouTube to
things done or find the
information about what we don’t
know about.

When you do these things you’re
business will start moving in a
direction. This is how to
get started.

This might not help everyone
but it’s what worked for me.

Since it’s what I personally
experienced and I know it works.

I wanted to share it with you.

I hope this helps and as usual
please leave your comments
and questions below.



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