To Be Successful You Need to be Uncomfortable

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That sounds crazy. All those successful
marketing people look mighty
comfortable to me.


Maybe they are today but I can almost
you that they all had to step
out of their comfort
zone at one point of
their careers.


Nobody enters the IM niche as a


Everyone has to go through a learning


If you remain in your safe zone chances
are likely
that next year at this time you’ll
still be in the
same position as you are
right now.


How do I know…


Because I too hid in that little comfort


It’s safe there. I know how to act in there.


If something frightens me I know I can
hide and
be safe in my little comfort cave.


Guess what I started doin a while back?


I crawled out of that comfort zone and
|started doing
some crazy shizz.


Well not crazy but stuff that made me
feel very


Yup, things like make a video.


How flippin crazy is that?


And wasn’t no power point presentation.


Heck no I actually put my ugly mug right
on that video. lol


It’s on this blog…Go find it and watch it.
I’ve been
told it’s kinda funny.


Well you be the judge on that, just leave
your comment
below the video.


Alright let’s get back on track.


So the crazy thing is once I began
stepping out of my
comfort zone I
noticed something began following me



Visitors on my blog were growing.


Yeah. Crazy right?


Links were getting clicked.


Began to see some cha-ching power in
my PayPal
account on a more consistent


So I reckon for me I can continue doing
a few things
that make me feel
uncomfortable in order to grow my

income from my efforts I put out here on
the internet.


Let’s face it…It’s damn sure not
comfortable having
to make sure you
show up at your JOB at the scheduled

time and then do exactly what the BOSS
orders you to do
all day long.


So the choice is yours to make.


You can easily remain in your cozy little
comfy cave and
more than likely be in the
exact same position you’re in
right now
next year at this same time or you can
out and start doing a couple of
things you know you
NEED to do in order
to get some money flowing into your


If you want a proven path that will get to
earning some
profitable income then I
always recommend list building.


It’s a quick, easy and effective way to
build a job replacing


You can easily get started by
clicking here.


Go out there and get yerself UNCOMFY
and don’t forget to leave your comments







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