Feb 12

The Minimalist Guide To List Building

Today I would like to give you a quick and easy
introduction to list building and why you should
be creating an extra stream of income for your
business by following this very effective method.

What exactly is an email list?

An email list is a list of names you collect from
opt-in forms. Generally you offer a free gift in
order to gain their email address.

You then have a way to directly contact these
people who are interested in the information,
gifts, offers or any web page on the internet
you would like to send them to.

The importance of having an email list

Almost all internet marketers (or all marketers
in general) are beginning to realize the
importance of owning and growing a responsive
email list.

The simple truth is once you have built a like,
know and trust relationship with your list they
become apt to buy the offers you recommend or
any products you produce. And they are right at
your fingertips.

You just spend a few minutes writing an email
then hit the send button and the sales begin
rolling in. I mean, seriously, this is about as
close as you’re ever gonna get to that elusive
magical button that makes $1000. By the way
(there is no magic button) so quit looking…lol

So if you’re tired of spinning your wheels and
still trying to figure out how to make some
MOOLAH online then I highly recommend you
go and see List Building Crew. This is a total in
depth list building course that that takes you by
hand and guides you from A to Z until you
have a
profitable email list.

Do you need any tools to build your list?

Of course we do.

As in any business there are always tools
needed in order to be sufficient and successful
at we do. And internet marketing is no different.

The Good News… what you’ll need is few and

Online marketing is one of cheapest business
models to start that I know of. Which makes
building our money making email list a no brainer.
In my opinion anyhoo & holler.

So here are the 3 tools you definitely need in
order start building a successful email list:

  • domain name
  • hosting
  • autoresponder

That’s it!

You get those those THREE tools and you can
start building that list.

Different ways to build an email list

There are so many ways to build a list it could
make you dizzy. lol

Seriously though there are several ways to build
an email list both free and paid. Who’s kiddin
who here? Free methods involve a lot of your time
and time IS NOT free.

But…a lot of the free methods used to build a list
are evergreen once set in place while the paid
methods only last for a certain period of time, then
they’re done.

Here are only a few ways to do this:

opt-in forms
links in posts leading to squeeze or landing pages
signature links on forum posts
strategically placed links in your social media posts
guest blogging
JV Giveaways

Solo ads
banner ads
cohost JVGiveaway event
FaceBook ads
Twitter ads
Google Adwords

Like I mentioned earlier there are many ways
of capturing email leads. These are only a very
few examples of what is available to you. I only
listed a few here or this post would get WAY to

There you have it. The minimal basics of building
an email list.

Now if you want a complete in depth look at how
to properly build a highly responsive email list
then I
suggest you go and have a looksie at
List Building Crew.





As always feel free to leave your comments below.

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