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It’s no Wonder you’re Confused

It happens everyday to people who sit down at their computers and try to put in an honest effort to get some work accomplished.   One big problem that happens most of the time to internet marketers is they’re not 100% sure as to what exactly they should be focusing their efforts on for each …

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Follow Your Path that Leads to your Dreams

We get stuck in a rut trying to figure out this internet marketing thing.   There are so many ways that actually do work and make money for folks on the internet each and everyday.   That in my opinion is why so many of us get distracted and never reach our goals.   The …

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Getting Started in Internet Marketing

Choose one niche and focus on it     It’s far better especially if you’re just at the beginning of your internet marketing (IM) career to choose one niche and then stick to ONLY that one niche until you get into the swing of things and start making money on a consistent basis.     …

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Is The Fear Of Failure Keeping You From Success

Are you afraid that if you fail you might appear to others as a loser?   Is this what’s holding you back from moving you’re business forward in a positive direction?   I can tell you from my own personal experience, if you’re not failing your not doing anything that is going to make money …

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Focus Focus Focus On Your Internet Business

I keep hearing from new internet marketers saying “I think I’ll just give up”. I can’t tell you how many times that same thought has crossed my mind. There is just way to much to learn…or so we make it seem that way for ourselves anyhoo. There is a lot to learn in internet marketing …

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Analogy of Shiny Object Syndrome

Analogy of Shiny Object Syndrome This relates to some of us and our attitudes towards internet marketing. Some of us never see any results because we bail ship way too soon. Let’s say you sign up for a luxury cruise to blah blah land.All of a sudden the ship has issues. So the Captain issues …

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