Stay Focused on Building An Email List

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Stay Focused on
Building An Email List


I started this blog to hold me
accountable so that I would work more
often. So far this is not what is happening.

So what I am going to start doing is
scheduling my week. On Sunday I will
write on paper what I need to accomplish
each day. Yes I will use a pen, or pencil,
and write a schedule for myself on a
piece of paper.

For example let’s say on Monday I need
to commit 20 minutes to JV giveaways,
two hours right here on my blog, 2
more hours on product creation, maybe
one hour to Face Book and one hour
spent studying internet marketing. The
schedule for Monday would look like this:

8:00-8:20—–JV Giveaways                                      IMGA0179



10:30-11:30—Product Creation

1:00-2:00——Product Creation

2:15-3:15—–Face Book


That would be Mondays work schedule.
After that then I’ll do the same for Tuesday,
Wednesday and every other day I plan on
working for that week.

I also like to use the 80-20 formula. 80%
of the time spent working and approximately
20% of this time studying internet marketing.
So according to Mondays schedule I would
want study some info material for about 1


I really want to provide some valuable
information here about Internet Marketing.
Starting out of course with list building. I
figured the best way to do this would be to
start out having zero subscribers on my list.

There are many techniques you can use
to build your own list. I highly recommend
that you do your due diligence and find
out which options would be best suited
for your list building campaign. Then only
choose two maybe three methods and
perfect your skills on those techniques.
Do not switch back and forth from one
shiny object to another because it will
only get confusing. Trust me. I’ve been
there, done that, did that. Just choose a
couple of techniques and stick with them.

That said I have chosen Face Book as
one form of my list building campaigns.
Right now I’m doing a little research to
determine which niche I want to enter.

If you choose to use Face Book then one
important thing to keep in mind is this.
When people go to Face Book they are
not there to buy or research  products.
They are there to socialize and share links
and stories they have found with their
friends. Funny and unusual pictures can
sometimes go viral on Face Book.

Anyway, I’m not a pro with using FB and I
don’t pretend to be. But I have found one
course that can get you pointed in the
right direction if you want use FB. Well I
can’t seem to find the link right now, but
when I do it will be right here.

Another angle I decided to use is going to
be JV giveaways.

In case you are not aware of what these are
I’ll briefly explain them. JV giveaways are
giveaway events with a whole bunch of free
material that one or more internet marketers
get  together and organize.

They then let their list know about the
giveaway and encourage them to join as
a contributor. As people start signing up for
the giveaway they also invite others to join
the giveaway as contributors. All contributors
offer their free gifts as an incentive for
someone to opt in to their list.The end
result is a website that is full of freebies.

These events usually have a set launch
date and most of the time they are
scheduled to run for about two weeks.

When the JV giveaway launches all of
the contributors will begin to invite
visitors to come. Just imagine the traffic
that will be generated by all of the
contributors promoting this.

If someone happens along your offer
and clicks on it they taken to your
squeeze page. That is where they will
have to opt in to your list in order to
receive your free offer.

That’s the basics to get you started. If
you need any further assistance with this
just leave a reply and I will get you an

Now keep in mind that these are freebie
seekers so selling anything to them is
going to be a challenge. Try to make a
solid relationship with them right away.

Try to set up a sales funnel to put them
through right when they opt in. This way
you can switch some of these tire kickers
over to your buyers list right away.

You should have at least two lists set up
inside your autoresponder for each niche.
A tire kicker list, those that received a free
gift but have not bought anything yet, and
a buyers list. The buyers list is obviously
those who have already purchased one of
your products or one of your affiliate offers.

Some marketers even have a third list that
they only contact once a week or once a
month. You know when you unsubscribe
from some lists you will get asked to stay
on their list but you’ll receive less emails
from them. Well if you elect to stay on that
list then you are on that third list. The
reason some marketers do this is
because they figure even if they can
capture a very small percentage of those
leaving they still have small chance to put
an offer in front of them that they just won’t
be able to refuse.


  1. Hi Roy. I see you’ve had your blog for a little while. As a newbie doing the QSC I am sure I could learn a thing or two from you if you’re willing to share. Do you mind if I ask you a question?

    1. Hi Richard,
      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yeah I’ve had this blog for a little while.

      Anyhoo I really like to help when I can so if you have a question go ahead and ask.
      I’ll try and answer it.

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