Apr 15

Start Building That Email List Today

Start Building That Email

List Today

Have you started building your email list

If you answered no I would like you to
explain why not.

More and more people are getting
connected to the internet everyday. This
includes the baby boomers who for
years refused to have anything to do with
the internet.

Why do you think this trend is happening
right now?

There are a lot of people right now who
are unemployed. In the years past we
would go to a business ask for a job
maybe fill out an application. Perhaps
even get a job interview. Then if they
were looking to hire someone maybe
you would have a new job that same day.

Businesses today are different. Most of
them require you fill out an application
which is normally found online. Do you
see where I’m going with this?

So even those that want nothing to do
with the wonderful world of the web are
finding themselves immersed in
learning this new thing. This strange
concept that has been around for years,
one that their children grew up with,
known to many as the internet.

Let me tell you from from experience, oh
yes I used to be one of those baby
boomers I just described, the easiest
place for those people to start learning
this new skill is by setting up an email
account and then using it.

Then after awhile they get brave and
venture out to the even scarier world of
social media.

The point I’m trying to get across is this.
Almost every adult today has an email
account. If they don’t have one today they
will more than likely have one in the near

I see people getting connected to the
internet even after they retire so they have
something to occupy their time. They are
also realizing the benefits of being able to
be connected to friends and family
immediately at a very low cost no matter
where in the world they happen to be

As far as your online internet business
goes, an email list will be the easiest
and quickest way for you to generate
some income. People will more than
likely buy what you recommend to them
as long as you are always honest and
friendly with them.

It’s just a matter of building that trust.
Remember this, It takes time to build a
solid relationship with your list. It does
not happen in one day. Always make
sure you are sending out useful
information to your email list and they
will automatically grow to like you. Send
them info and gifts you would like to
receive not some of this garbage that
I’m sure you get every once in awhile.
The stuff that goes straight into the trash
folder. The stuff that makes you mad.
If it makes you mad then chances are
good it’s going to make your readers

Now go get started and build that
future of yours right now.


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