Dec 10

Set Up One Sales Funnel And Focus On Only It

I’ve decided to simplify my business.

That’s right, I’m tired of running around and working
on 15 to 20 different projects all at the same time.

What I found is when you get scattered out like that,
there is absolutely no way in heck you can focus your
total concentration on any one of them.

When I lose my thought process on a project or a
product I’m working on I have a tendency to put it on
the back burner, so to speak.

I have literally 100’s of unfinished products laying
around all over my hard drive because of this problem.

The HUGE problem with that was I just accepted it as if
that was just way things are.

That’s not just the way things are and I’m changing
everything around.

I know the headline to this post says to set up one sales
funnel. Well I’ve actually got two that I will be driving
traffic to.

The first one is ===>>

This will be my main focus because…well right now I’m
totally focused on list building.

The other sales funnel is over at ===>>

WOW look at sucka…that be one ugly link. lol Oh well.

Now I realize their both basically in two different niches
but with the 7avenuesto7k, once they finish going
through the main autoresponder sequence there will be
follow-up emails encouraging them to start building an
an email list in whatever niche they chose.

See, Kinda sorta tied together. And best of all it’s simple
to get them tied together via the autoresponder. Or even
broadcast emails for that matter.

As for the listbuildingcrew that’s evergreen.

List building and email strategies are always gonna be
changing so I’ll assume they will want to remain on my
list so they can stay up to date on these changes.

Well as up to date as I can possibly be any-hoot-n-holler.

Those are the only two sales funnels I will be focusing
100% of my efforts on.

If something else passes in front of me that looks
interesting but doesn’t have anything to do with one of
these sales funnels I’ll turn my head the other way.

If I see a product I would like to purchase but it has nada
to do with either of these funnels… easy peasy…I don’t
buy it.

Now as for driving traffic to my squeeze pages I’ve decided
I want to keep that simplified also.

I will only be using solo ads and JVGiveaways (for now).

I put in the (for Now) part cause that’s subject to change.

Yes cause I think solo ads are becoming a little less
effective nowadays and the JVGiveaway crowd well, you
just have to treat to treat them different once their on your
list. They’re freebie seekers and it’s difficult, too say the
least, to turn them into a buyer.

With my business being more streamlined and focused
I will be able to spend more moola on ads for driving traffic.

Also it’s going to free my mind up of all the clutter and
confusion that comes with trying to run in 20 different
directions at the same time.

I’m already seeing a huge difference in what is actually

Things are getting finished.

That’s right, pretty much on a daily basis I’m scratching
things off my to do list. To that I say YIPPEEKIYAY.

Oops that’s not even a word you goofhead Roy.

So there you have it, that’s just a basic example of what
I’m doing to declutter my daily tasks and so far it appears
to be working.

If you’re experiencing some of the same problems I was you
might consider doing what I’ve just explained.

O.K. Now it’s your turn. Leave your comments and tell me if
you think what I’m doing is right or if it’s downright

Also I’d like to hear some ideas on what you do to simplify
things in your business.



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