Jan 02

Paid Traffic or Free Traffic

There is so much hoopla out there about
which traffic method works best paid or free.


If-n ya don’t believe me just Google “paid
traffic or free traffic”.


Did you Google it? If you did you seen exactly
what I mean. If you didn’t…shame on you. lol


Either way you choose to get your traffic
there’s a ton of different options to choose
from. We’re not going to cover them all here.
Heck that could be a post of it’s own, and a
lengthy one at that.


Free traffic is the way a lot of us choose to
get our traffic when we’re first starting out
simply because usually we’re pretty much
strapped for cash.


As I mentioned before there’s no shortage of
free ways to generate free traffic. Most of
these methods however are going to require
a substantial time investment from you.


For instance if you try using SEO to drive
traffic,, well you’re obviously gonna have to
spend some time writing articles and
making gosh derned sure you big brother
Google happy. Right?


And then the traffic won’t come overnight.
Nope. It’ll take weeks or even months before
you start seeing traffic begin to trickle in on a
consistent basis.


You can use the signature section in forums
that allow you to do so. But again you’re
going to have to invest a lot of time on these
forums making comments in order to get in
front of enough eyes that are going to
generate traffic for you.


There’s Youtube but you’re going to have to
spend time making your videos. And most
people (including MUAH) are just plain
uncomfortable in front of that lens.


You can get traffic from FaceBook, but you
better be careful over there or you just might
get your account banned.


You can pull in traffic from Twitter and
Pinterest and well you get it…the list goes on
and on and on.


So you see finding a method to get free traffic
is not a problem.


However, is this traffic REALLY free?


It is if you work for free. Do you work for free?


Of course not. Silly me. Why did I even ask
that question?


So no this traffic is not free. You have to
invest your TIME.


The good thing about most of the work you
do to acquire this traffic is going to stay there.
Meaning that even years down the road it will
still be pulling in traffic for you.


As for paid ads once again there are a TON
options to choose from.


Apparently when I first got started in internet
marketing I guess the buzz was all about
Googles Adwords. Not so much nowadays.


I’ve only dabbled with a couple of platforms
in the paid traffic arena. That’s FB ads and
solo ads.


I like FB ads because once you know who
your ideal customer is you dial your ads to 
be shown to people who have shown specific
interests in certain areas. Seriously You can
choose certain demographic areas, which
gender, their age, specific interests, their
annual incomes and so much more.


So when you know all this and you get them
on your email list or over to a fan page or
where ever you stand a pretty good chance
of making your ad spend money back.


If you choose to run the solo ad option I’d like
to throw a wise word of caution towards you.


There are many very good vendors out there
but on the other hand there are many that will
take your money and cheat you out of your


Do your due diligence and study how to do
solo ads first. Then spend the money and
buy a list of proven good solo ad vendors.


Always buy a small amount of clicks at first
until the vendor has proven his trustworthy.


There are also several groups over on
FaceBook with solo ad vendors. Just type
solo ad in FaceBooks search bar. You can
get a fairly good idea of the vendor by reading
their reviews also.


OOPS! Got off course a bit. Hehehe


As I said there are a ton of options to choose
from as far as paid traffic goes.


As you can see from my rambling^^^ I’ve
messed with a couple of them.


So far the funnel I have set up to send the
solo ad clicks through and the way I was able
to dial in so close to my customers on FB I’ve
been able to pay for my ad spend and in
some cases even make a little extra for a
profit. 😛


So technically my paid traffic (so far) has
been free. Other than the money I had to put
up front.


But unlike the free traffic once these ads are
done they are gone. POOF! No longer gonna
generate any traffic for me.


So any-hoot-n-holler outside of me gettin a
bit sidetracked there you have my spill on
paid vs free traffic.


Like I said Google paid  traffic or free traffic
and you’ll get a ton different ways both free
and paid to generate traffic.


Don’t forget to leave your comments about
this subject below.

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