May 11

Work Smarter and Repurpose Your Content

Benefits-Why you should repurpose content Let’s face it, content creation is time consuming it’s downright hard work at times.   Sometimes the information flows right out of your brain naturally and it makes the process seem easy.   Then there are those times when you get tongue twisted or you seem to be at a …

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May 06

Email Marketing Basics


What is email marketing:   Email marketing is one way a company, business or brand can connect to it’s customers/clients.   It’s a way of staying in contact with your customers between their purchases and being able to build a Know, Like,Trust (KLT) relationship with them.   It’s an extremely affordable and very effective way …

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May 04

Building An Effective Responsive Email List

The importance of having an email list   I really can’t get my mind wrapped around why so many IMers think email marketing is dead. Let’s think about this for just one quick moment. It happens all the time and you may be guilty of this. You either get bored or you get frustrated with …

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May 02

Workin 9 to 5…What a Way to Make A Living

Remember that song by Dolly Parton? Yeah for some reason you automatically wake up 10 or 15 minutes before that  stupid alarm clock goes off. You close them eyes thinking I’ll just shut my eyes a little bit more before I actually HAVE to leave the comforts of this nice warm bed. Then that dreadful noise sounds …

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Apr 21

Google adds Voice Dictation to Google Docs

Google adds voice dictation to Google Docs Sometimes you just don’t feel like typing but you need to get some content written and that’s where voice dictation can come in handy.   Lucky for us Google Docs has added voice dictation.   I’m actually using it right now and it has not made a mistake …

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Apr 15

Building an Email List From Scratch

  What is an Email List? An email list is basically a list of email addresses which gives a company, vendor or person the ability to stay in contact with people who have shown an interest in what they have to offer.   A lot of internet users opt-in to email lists so they can …

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Feb 12

The Minimalist Guide To List Building

Today I would like to give you a quick and easy introduction to list building and why you should be creating an extra stream of income for your business by following this very effective method. What exactly is an email list? An email list is a list of names you collect from opt-in forms. Generally …

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Jan 27

Creating Squeeze Pages That Convert

Shall we cover the basics of creating squeeze pages that convert?   We’ll go over their basic purpose and design.   What Is A Squeeze Page   A squeeze page is also sometimes referred to as a  landing page. However there are differences between the two. A landing page usually goes well beyond the fold …

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Jan 25

How To Build A List (Even If It’s Your First)

I’d like to explain a little about why you should be building an email list and using it as a source of income stream for your business.   Most businesses whether online or offline already realize the power of building and owning an email list.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard …

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Jan 12

Choosing The Right Niche

Instead of being scattered all over the place it’s much easier if you pick just one niche and run with it. This will also help you to stay more focused so maybe you can finally settle down and quit bouncing from one online business opportunity to the next. There are three broad niches that are …

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