Jul 17

My Video for the Quick Start Start Challenge


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  1. Lara Fabans

    I hope you’ll do more. I enjoy listening to your voice.

    I did email marketing for years for a major newspaper enterprise and you’re right in that it’s important to take good care of your list and find the balance. I do appreciate the sites that allow me to choose how often to receive emails.

    Looking forward to getting to know you more!

    1. Roy A. Jones

      Hi Lara,

      TY for the compliment about my voice. That’s one of the things I was most worried about because when I listened to the replay I thought my voice sounded rather funny…lol

      So it sounds like your a pro at this email marketing stuff. Where I’m trying to stay laser focused right now is list building. Which of course involves email marketing, so I could really learn a lot from you. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.

  2. Christopher Thompson

    Hi Roy,

    I watched your video and you are hilarious. I’m still smiling as I write this. Best of luck to you and I’m looking forward to what you’re going to post next.

    1. Roy A. Jones

      Thank You Christopher,

      Yeah I was nervous as heck so that is how I tamed my fear was by being goofy. lol Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Brice

    You already got some interesting categories… I will take a look at it.

    1. Roy A. Jones

      Hey Brice go ahead and have looksie around. I hope you find the content both useful and entertaining. That’s why I put this stuff on here so it can help others and maybe even put a smile on someones face. Thanks for coming by and commenting.

  4. Brice

    Oh great! You are already some months ahead!

    1. Roy A. Jones

      Hi Brice,

      Yeah I started this blog a little while back.

  5. Cory

    Fun to watch you out there Roy! You’re very entertaining…Keep it up!

    1. Roy A. Jones

      Thank you Cory,

      Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. DeJarvis Floyd

    Hilarious! I’m waiting to see more

    1. Roy A. Jones

      Thanks DeJarvis,

      Might be awhile before I do another video.

      That was scarier than I thought it would be.

  7. Bernard Moye

    Hey, Roy. I think you did a bang up job on your video. Very nice. Now that you’ve got the first one under your belt, the next ones will be much easier. Keep after it.

    All the best to you – Bernard

    1. Roy A. Jones

      Hi Bernard, TY for the compliment on my video. The videos in the future might get easier but I won’t be making any in the near future showing my ugly mug. lol

  8. Shamrock

    Hi Roy

    That was a very comical video. “Come on Over” is a good catch phrase. I’m glad that you took the challenge seriously and that you are one of the do’ers.

    I hope you are very successful.


    1. Roy A. Jones

      Well thank you for Shamrock. Glad you enjoyed the video. I don’t know where those words came from I just sat in front of webcam and started jabbering. lol

  9. Heather

    Did you say full of FEAR or full of BEER? lol Great job!

    1. Roy A. Jones

      LOL yeah some beer might have calmed me down a bit. But nope that was sober me nerves and all. TY for coming by Heather.

  10. Desana

    Hi Roy,
    awesome! Loved it! I wish I were able to sit in front of a camera a say things completely out of my head! I definitely will give it try one day!

    1. Roy A. Jones

      Hi Desana I’m glad you liked the video. Why don’t you make a video today? Figure out what subject you want to talk about sit in front of the camera and just start talking. When your done you’ll have a video. Only you will be able to see that video. If you feel the video turned out alright then upload it to youtube.

  11. Shaneman

    Hi Roy,

    You have a sense of humor which is great and did a good job in your video for the Quick Start Challenge.

    I like the blue background you have, looks nice.

    1. Roy A. Jones

      Hey Shane,
      That sense of humor was actually a whole bunch of me being nervous. lol

      TY for the comment on the blue background. This something I’m experimenting with.

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