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Hello everyone it’s been awhile. 

Actually it’s been quite a long while
and for that I certainly apologize.

My excuse is I had no excuse in the beginning.

Lately my health took a turn for the worse and has
forced me to concentrate on a change of lifestyle 
and following a diet plan.

Okie Dokie and alrighty then… enough of that

This post is about me starting and setting up a new

There is going to be a lot of learning and relearning
everything during this process so bear with me.

I won’t be rushing things in order to have this blog
up and running in a few days and there are a few
reasons why.

If your looking for speed and gotta getter done today
then Google how to start a blog. There are plenty of
articles to get you going in as little time as today.

If you choose to follow my journey while I start a new
blog then stick around. I’ll be adding to this post as things
progress so stay tuned.

Let’s get this journey started.

First let me do this;
Disclosure: If you click on any link in any of my posts I 
might get compensated on any purchase you make.

Onward we go.

Here are the basic steps I will take at first.

  • Pick a blog name
  • Get the blog online
  • Customize my blog
  • Write and publish my first post
  • Promote my new blog
  • Make money with this new blog

When and if you start your new blog try to follow
this same order. HOWEVER……. I will not be
following this order because I won’t be putting my
blog online just yet.

Wanna know why?

Okay, it’s because I don’t have my fishing license
yet. LOL Since the beginning of the new year is
just around the corner I’m going to wait till it get’s
closer to that time.

I also have not made my final decision on whether
I’m going to use Hostgator or Bluehost to host my
blog so I can get it online. I’ve used Hostgator  before
but a lot of people are highly recommending Bluehost.

Does that make sense to you?

Okley Dokleys. 

I like to fish so I’m going to start a fishing blog.

I’ve purchased my blog name from Namecheap and 
chose Fishing With Roy.

So my domain name is

Try to get a domain name that expresses what your
blog is about. But don’t get stuck on one word. For
instance if your blogging about cooking then words
like meals, recipes, or even food would let people
know your blog is all about cooking.

You will want to have your blog be about something
you like. That way your followers will pick up on 
your enthusiasm.

I recommend you get your blog name from either
Namecheap or Godaddy. If you get more domain
names in the future buy them from the same place so
all of your domains are in one place and not scattered
all over.

Since I have my domain name I’m going to skip a 
couple of steps for now and write a few posts that I’ll
save to my computer and then publish them when my
blog goes online.

You could actually skip to this step also. That way you’ll
already have some posts ready to publish once you’re
ready to go live online. Just don’t post more than 2 or 3
per day. Google frowns on that.

UPDATE: December 13, 2019

I’ve finally decided who will host my blog and it will be Hostgator.
I have prior experience with Hostgator. that is why I chose to
go with them.

I was bouncing between Bluehost and Hostgator.

Now I have to choose a theme, design my blog header, install
some plugins that I need, getting some manufacturers and resellers
to release some affiliate links I can use and a few other details.

You can follow my blog being put together at 

First post has just been published.
Go have a looksie.

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