Let’s Get Started Building Our Email List

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Well first off let me be the first to congratulate
you for making this important decision to move
your biz in a positive forward direction with the
powerful method of list building.


List building is effective in more than just a handful
of ways.


Many others always talk about loading emails into
your autoresponder (AR) email sequence and leave
it at that.


This is true, you absolutely must load that puppy up
and have links in them emails that lead to pages that
are going to make sales for ya. Common sense…it’s
gonna make you some cha-ching. $$$


So that part is going to more than likely become the
bread and butter of your business as far as the income
part goes.


But let’s say you build up a blog and decide later down
the road you suddenly decide it’s time to sell it.


Without an email list it will probably have some sort of value,
but if you have an email list you can throw in with it not only
will it be more appealing to perspective buyers but all of a
sudden your site now holds higher value, meaning you can
ask for money.


But you already know there are countless benefits to
building a list and that’s exactly why you’re here right now.




You’ve finally said it’s time to do this thang.


The very first thing we need to figure out is what niche you want
to get involved in.


There are three major niches we can get involved in and they are;

  • wealth
  • health
  • relationships


HOWEVER these in and of their selves are simply just way too big
and broad.


So in order for us little guys to be competitive in these niches we’re
going to have to niche them down.


HUH? What do I mean by “niche them down”?


Well it would mean that instead of choosing the health niche we would
choose a smaller niche…maybe sumpin like proper jogging techniques
after 50 or flat tummy methods after 60 or fit after 60.


I think you get the idea.


Now there are several trains of thought on choosing a niche.


Some say choose one that’s gonna make you the most money while
others say choose the one you think you will enjoy the most.


Here’s the thing.


In the perfect world you will find a niche where both will be
the case. And hopefully that holds true for you.




If you go and choose a niche because you think it’s where
the money is going to be, then you’re going to have to drag
yourself on over to yer computer more times than not to do
the work that needs to get done.


Sounds fun huh! NOT.


You will be unenthused and it will show in your work.


Any following you do build will pick up on this and quickly lose
any interest in ANY of your content.


They are just going to pack their bags and leave your site
quicker than a toupee getting lost in a hurricane.


Therefore even though it might be a big buck niche you will always
struggle to make any money at all.


On the other hand if you choose a niche that happens to deal in
lower dollar products but you get totally excited every time you think
about it your going to look forward to getting the work accomplished
on the website or blog every single day.


Your people (following) will catch on to this and naturally want to
follow you to the ends of earth. Once that happens you’ll be making
sales on nearly every product recommendation you make.


So what is the first step of this choosing a niche process?


The first thing I want you to do is grab a pencil or pen and a sheet
of paper.


Yeah yeah yeah yes yes yes


If you must go ahead and open up a word document to do this but
really writing these down on a piece of paper is not going to do you
any kind physical harm. lol


Make 3 columns on the sheet of paper.


Mark one column as things you enjoy. The next as things you know
how to do and the third as things you would like to learn about.


Now let your brain go WILD.


Whatever crosses your mind write it down.


When you run out of ideas go for a walk, surf the web, go to the
bookstore and browse through books on your bookshelves or hard
drive, go to the magazine section at the local store, go for a drive
whatever it takes just keep your creative juices flowing.


Also have a looksie around Clickbank, JVZoo and Amazon to get
an idea for what you could sell in a particular niche as an affiliate.


Don’t forget about looking through http://www.dummies.com/store.html
or Ebay to get some great ideas either.


There is a lot more that goes into selecting a niche because you
will want to find out things like how much competition there is and
what is the monthly search volume and so on and so forth.


So a while back I wrote an article about choosing the right niche.
Click the link below to read it ===>>



Now since this internet is always changing sometimes more often
than we blink our eyes you can always Google this subject to get
the latest up to date info about choosing the right niche for you.


Now that you’ve decided to start building an email list and you
have chosen your niche you are in the beginning stages of laying
out a rock solid foundation on which you can build your business


The next step is going to be getting our 3 tools that are gonna be
absolutely essential for us to be successful in building our business
using the list building method.


Don’t worry all 3 of these are going to be Cheap Cheap Cheap.


Like the little baby chicks running around saying


So what are they?


Well They Are;

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. Autoresponder


All three of these will play a vital role in your email list building.


Your domain name is going to be where you will put all your
content and it will serve as a location for your readers to find
you and whatever you have to offer them. Much like how you’re
here at royajones.com.


Oh Yeah. By the way…Come On In and make yerself comfortable.
Feel free to have a look around my blog and if you happen to find
a beverage with some cookies well help yourself to them, just make
yourself at home. lol  😀


I usually like to use Namecheap to find and purchase my domain


Hosting well you’ve just gots to have that so you can give your
domain some internet presence.


There are several good ones to choose from, Hostgator is a
good choice.


And a good autoresponder service is critical for managing your
email lists.


The two I personally use and highly recommend are Aweber
and GetResponse.


They both offer different plans so I would suggest you visit both
and decide which one has the plan that is going to best suit your


That’s plunty to keep you busy for now.


Since you’re doing your niche research I’ll do another post about
choosing a domain name.


Till then Too-Da-Loo


Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.







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