Learn The Proper List Building Strategies for Success

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Why do all the big name Internet Marketers
consistently nag at us about building our
email lists?

Well, I’ll tell you why…they know that it’s no
secret without their lists a very big portion of
their income wouldn’t exist.

Let me ask you a question.

How long have you been in this internet
marketing business?

You might say 1 week or 6 months, heck I
don’t know you, maybe you have been
running your business for 4 years.

Regardless of how long it’s been imagine if
from day 1 you were getting 1 or 2 subscribers
on your email list per day. Now it really isn’t that
hard to do that.

You would be well on your way to having a nice
sized list, wouldn’t you.

See where I’m going with this. lol   🙂

For the longest time I never even considered
building an email list.

There was just way to much stuff and I did not
have a clue or understand how it all worked.

Even if I did get an email list built how in the
heck do you set up this autoresponder thing.
Plus all autoresponder messages.

Then there’s the squeeze page. Oh yeah and the

I mean REALLY.

Plus what… a sales funnel.

No wonder no one ever builds an email list when
they first start.

There is just way to much that seems so
confusing and overwhelming.

There are certainly a lot of information products
out there that make a sad attempt at trying to
explain how this all works, but I found most of
those to be useless. Honestly most of them left
me more confused than I was before I started
going through their course.

Is that what you feel like?

I finally found a course that walks through every
aspect of list building.


It’s structured as a 12 month coaching program.

And it’s one I highly recommend you at least go
have a look at.

You and I both know that eventually your gonna
break down build that list.

So here is the link ===>>



  1. Roy, very nice looking blog. Very informative articles on list building. I will definitely be coming back for more.

    1. Thank you Roy glad you enjoy the articles and find the information useful.

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