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I built my email list but it’s nonresponsive. What should I do now?

You hear it all the time the money is in the list. That is a very true statement. If you pay close attention to the internet marketers that make money on a consistent basis they have an email list.

You know what else they have?

The knowledge of how to treat their list.

Everyone has a different take on this subject and every list is different. So don’t take my words as gospel. Search the web for other information, then start testing different ways to treat your list. I mean really how are you ever going to learn the proper etiquette and technique with out testing.

First and foremost don’t worry about the unsubscribes you get. It happens, it’s part of this business. It’s nothing  personal against you. Also you’re more than likely going to get some hate emails. The way I look at these subscribers are time wasters and if they don’t unsubscribe themselves then I have to do it for them. Let’s face it, their are people who just like to bitch because …….I don’t know why (lol) I guess it’s because that is what they do best. Hahaha

Know your target audience

The thing is do not hammer your list everyday with offers. You know what I mean. I’m sure your email box gets flooded by certain individuals everyday wanting you to buy something. Don’t be like them. You don’t like it, I don’t like it and chances are your list does not like it. Agreed.

Your email is going out to a person into their home, maybe their car but it’s their personal space where ever they may be.

It could be a mother trying to make some extra income to provide a better living for her children, or maybe she’s trying to fit back into that dress she used to wear in her High School days and needs to shed an inch or two. Or it could be a dude sitting in his home office quickly approaching retirement that has realized he didn’t supplement his retirement well enough and needs extra cash flow to enjoy his retirement. Maybe it’s just a 20 some year old that wants to ditch their J.O.B. The point is your email is reaching each individual person in their personal space. Respect that and treat them for what they truly are—-A real living person just like you.

OK, now that you realize your emails are being sent real people try putting a face on your target audience. Who are your emails going to. Is it the Mom described above or maybe the guy who didn’t quite prepare to enjoy his retirement with his wife the he wanted too. I’m serious this will make a big difference.

When you have a clear picture of what this person looks like it doesn’t hurt to make an avatar of your perceived reader. Or at least have the the picture clearly engraved in your your brain. Heck maybe you have a friend or relative that represents your target audience.

What the heck are talking about Roy? Have completely lost your bonkers?

Maybe, I’ve been told that a time or two before. hehehe

Here is why. When you write your emails write them to this person whom you’ve just figured is in your target audience. Let the words flow like you would if you were in a regular conversation.

Aaaah. Are getting the picture now.

Some of these emails I get I can tell they are staring at the screen and babbling on.

Give em what they want

Now you and and your list like content so give them content. If you don’t know what kind of content they want then send out a survey. Or visit forums related to your niche. You’ll discover people in these forums asking how to solve problems all the time. Send your list some answers to some of these probs.


I’m not very good at this, I will admit, but tell stories in your emails if possible. The human brain is wired into stories. That’s why T.V.s are turned on in so many homes every night. Also if you do tell a story leave them with a cliff hanger. Why? Because they are naturally going to need to know what happens next. If you forget to send that next email they will actually email you and let you know, because they want to know what happens next.

Bold the Links

Someone ran this by me the other day and I will admit I have not tried it yet. They said to make all your links bold. Personally I think by it being a different color it stands out good enough. If you try it before I do please your comments and let us know how it worked.

No lengthy word blocks

Always make short paragraphs. It’s to hard to read a great big huge block of words. Make it as easy for your reader as possible. This is a must in emails, blog posts, sales letters just about anything you write you need to leave some white space.

On occasion use bullet points if it helps to get your point across. If you want you could even highlight certain topics.

Keep it mobile friendly

This is something I’ve been doing for awhile now and that is. This supposedly makes your email more mobile friendly and it makes sense to me.

I do this
I will put one of those at the top of the
page and use them as a mark in which
my text shouldn’t exceed.

I know I know.

I need to go get a smartphone or
something so I can check these things
out for myself. What can I say…slap me
silly I’m a fool.

Benefits of soft selling

When you do find something that excites you and you truly believe it will benefit some of your list don’t send an email that says I found this gadget and it does this. Here is the link go buy it before it’s gone. That’s a hard sell and no one likes it. Especially if someone is new to your list and doesn’t know you yet.

No, Tell a story about how you used it and what it did for you, or what you learned from this info product and what it contains. I’ve even seen some marketers attach a copy of their receipt to the email for proof that they actually did buy what they are recommending. This is a soft sell and you’re not actually selling anything. You are sharing something that you found useful, much like you say to a good friend “Hey I took my GF to the movies last night and watched such and such movie I think you’d really like it because I know I did”. See what I’m saying, there is no sales pitch. You are saying that you found something you liked or found useful.

Have fun with this. Don’t be afraid of your list. Be you. Type like you talk putting your personality into them thar words matey. Hehe I know that’s hard to do but do not hide behind the screen and try to be someone who you are not. Unless you’re a hard azz jerk. In that case go get some anger management. lol Just let the real you shine through. A lot of people won’t like you, but the ones that do like you will really like you. Get my jist.

BUT, I mean let’s get real here, we are email marketers right. That’s what we do is sell. lol

This post is getting to long I better stop right here.




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  1. You say you are not very Good at story telling but your post sounded like one to me and it did contain a lot of value an area I still need to learn more from email marketing thanks.

    1. Thank you Boris. I hope you enjoy this post and others that are on this blog…plus the many others I intend to post in the near future.

  2. Hi Roy,

    Telling a story does sound like a good idea.

    I like how you said that with stories we should leave them with a cliff hanger – as this will encourage people to want to know what happens next.

    I will have to try using stories more.

    I like short paragraphs as well, as they are easier to read.

    Thanks for the great tips 🙂

    1. Hi Shane,
      Glad you found a couple of tips here.
      Stories do work well. And you will find your open rates increase as will the know, like and trust relationship
      with your subscribers once you start telling a few stories to your readers.

      Short paragraphs are easier to read.
      Sometimes we can be our best teachers. If we don’t like something…don’t expect your readers to like it.
      If we see something we like, well, that’s exactly what we should try and give our readers.

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