It’s no Wonder you’re Confused

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It happens everyday to people who sit down at their
computers and try to put in an honest effort to get
some work accomplished.


One big problem that happens most of the time to
internet marketers is they’re not 100% sure as to what exactly they should be focusing their efforts
on for each particular day that they do try to work.

So they rush over to their inbox and start going
through all the emails inside it.

Chances are very good there are 50+ emails in
there with probably at least a few dozen of them
giving you advice about different ways you can
make money online.

Now…If you go through these emails right now
all at once and soak up all this info into your head
you’ve added to confusion you’re already
experiencing. BIG TIME!!!




You’ve got to map out a daily plan and follow it
much like a home builder does when he builds
a house.

A contractor can show up to a job site and see that
a foundation is there in place so he knows straight
away his next task is to install the floor joists.

The next time he shows up to the job he can see
HVAC, plumber, insulation and whatever other
trades that need to get their underfloor work done
have done so. So he now knows it’s time to lay the
subfloor down.

After the that their next task is building and standing
the walls according to the blueprint.


So each day when this crew shows up to work they
look at the blueprint and see exactly where they
left off and that will DETERMINE EXACTLY where
they will start each new work day.

No confusion…None whatsoever.

This is a vital and essential part of building your
internet Marketing business is to get rid of that
confusion and know exactly what you are going to
work on each and everyday before you even get
to your PC to start working.


One good way to get a head start on this is by
the EXACT PATH you’re gonna follow to
your business platform on.

This platform will be considered the foundation
of your biz.

Get It? So if you have a clear path and definite
destination you gonna be building yer biz on a
rock solid foundation right from the get-go.

Me personally I ALWAYS recommend start with
list building but, hey, I’m not you so you have to
make your own choice here. But make it a wise
choice cause remember…this is what your
business is going to stand on.

Now if you do choose the list building route
then I highly recommend that you go and have
peek-a-boo looksie at what I put together for ya.


If you go that route you’ll be set. You’ll be building
a biz that will support you for many years to come.

Now after figure out your path and direction throw
all the other noise and distractions out the window.


You know the Shiny Objects and BSOs.
Throw them in the garbage, flush em down the
toilet. It’s only going to slow you down from getting
to where you need to be.

Sit down every Sunday; or whatever day you choose,
but make sure you do it once a week; with a pencil
and a piece of paper.

If you plan on working 7 days in the upcoming work
week then write down the SPECIFIC TASKS for
each of the 7 work days that you must accomplish in
order to get you moving down your path and get you
to your chosen destination.

Don’t overload yourself (it’s easy to do) just try kick
out 3 accomplishments per week, MAX. If you finish
those 3 and there are still some workdays left then
you can always add more work to the list OR heck
take the rest of the week off. LOL


If you will actually DO what I have shown you here
and stick with it for 4 to 8 weeks I will guarantee you
will start seeing some amazing results.

So as NIKE says “JUST DO IT”

But that’s the thing, it’s up to you—You have to be the
one and do it.


OK so leave any comments or questions below and
after that get on out there and get to building that rock
solid business that you’ve been working so hard to

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