Is The Fear Of Failure Keeping You From Success

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Are you afraid that if you fail you might appear
to others as a loser?


Is this what’s holding you back from moving
you’re business forward in a positive


I can tell you from my own personal
experience, if you’re not failing your not doing
anything that is going to make money for
your business.


I mean let’s take a different look at this.


We make a squeeze page and as usual it’s
not converting as good as we want it to.


So we begin making minor changes to it
here and there.


A few changes later it begins to convert very
good. Now we begin split testing different
variations of the high converting squeeze
page to see if we can make it even better.


Was the first version of this squeeze page a


No, not in my opinion. At least it was trying
to do something.


After a few tweaks here and there it began to
work like a charm. It became successful at
getting subscribers onto our email list.


The same goes for you and me.


We were not born with internet marketing
skills engraved into our brains. Heck no!


And with all the mumbo jumbo bunch of
crappy products out there that you have to
weed through in order to find the few good
ones…well you get my drift. It just makes
the learning curve that much harder.


You’re going to experience failures if you’re
seriously working your online marketing


Even the veterans of this industry make
mistakes. Sometimes some pretty big ones.


My first few ebooks I wrote were flops.


Was it a failure for me?


Perhaps. But I never let it stop me.


I kept making a few more and eventually a
few sales began to trickle in.


If I would have been afraid of failure and
stopped producing products I wouldn’t be
seeing any income at all.


So here’s the deal. Your worried about what
others are going to think about you if you fail
at something or come up short of being


Sure they might see your mistake. But you
know what? Chances are real good they
have probably made similar mistakes.


Put that in your pipe, but don’t you dare
smoke it!!! Hehehehe


As far as being perfect, FORGET ABOUT IT.


Nothing is ever perfect.


Get it good enough and go with it. You can
always adjust things and make it better
later but nothing is ever going to be perfect.


I can’t remember who said it but I once heard
“I’m failing forward”.


This person obviously knew that if you’re not
failing your not doing anything, and if you’re
not doing anything then you most certainly
won’t be making any money.


So I challenge you to go out there, step out
of your comfort zone and commit a failure.
Heck commit two failures because every
failure is going to bring you closer to
success. Cha-ching


I have a NO-FAIL way for you to build your
email list.


Yeah you don’t have to fail at everything.


This is a complete step by step course that
takes you by the hand and guides you from
the very beginning all the way to where you
have an email list up and running.


You simply can not fail with this course.


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Alright¬† that’s enough ramblin from me for


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