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Is Perfection Holding You Back

Is Perfection Holding You Back

Perfection is why a lot of
products never make it to the

Here’s the deal. you might think
your ebook or whatever it is you
are making to sell isn’t perfect
and you flat out refuse to let
others see it until it is perfect.

Guess what?
It’s never going to be perfect in
your opinion.


The funny thing is what is not
perfect in your mind might be exactly
what someone else needs to see in
order to finally understand the
point you’re trying to get across.

I can’t think of the exact words I
want to use here but If they come to
me I’ll come back and rewrite this
portion. The point is I’m not going
to let perfection stop me from getting
my message to you.

I want you to be successful.

None of my tips or advice is useful
to you or anyone else if I wait till
they’re perfect. They’re never going
to be perfect in my mind.

But maybe others will find little bits
and pieces of what I share help them
towards building their online business.

There are many ways to get around this
fear and one is to start with PLR. It will
give you the basic backbone and structure
to give your creative juices a good starting

Have you looked at Monthly Content yet
so you can get a jump start on creating
your very own product?

I use this myself or I would not recommend it.

There are many other reasons I like
Monthly Content. You can use these PLR, MRR
and RR products that have Giveaway rights as gifts
to your email subscribers.

They are always adding to their vast resource
list so many times when I see a product I thinkmight help me I go there first. Countless times
the product is already in their inventory and all
I have to do is download it. These downloads
practically pay for the membership. This makes
the membership and products basically free.

It’s worth at least looking at.

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