I Joined “The Quick Start Challenge” to Help Me Stay Laser Focused

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Yeppers it seems as if I go through these silly little
stages where I’ll show my blog a bunches of love
And then I get side tracked on other projects ignoring
this poor little guy.

I’ve decided to do something that will hold me
accountable and be more responsible about posting
more quality content in here for you…and more often.

So I have decided to take the Quick Start Challenge
3.0 Revolution for 2015.

This is a 28 day course with 4 classes and 1 bonus

Don’t hold me firm on this but I think this is what is
going to be covered each week.

Week 1 – Establish an online presence, create a blog
and get posting interesting stuff!
Week 2 – Building an email list
Week 3 – Driving traffic
Week 4 – Monetizing the traffic and list
Week 5 – Bonus week?

The tutors are Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and
Robert Phillips. So every one is in good hands here.

I’ve been around Internet Marketing for a little over five
years. Made a few dollars but not enough where I could
make a full-time income doing this.

This time it’s going to be different.

Stick around and keep checking back as I will be posting
my success and journey as I travel this path with The Quick
Start Challenge.

I’ll also try to remain committed to continue posting valuable
Internet Marketing content in here.

So sit back and enjoy this ride as I began a new chapter in
my life and begin earning a full-time income as an Internet

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  1. Good to see you “back on track with your site here. It looks good. Hopefully the Quick Start Challenge will keep you committed and focused. I am also involved in the Challenge. So together let’s stay focused and stick to it! I will return occasionally to see your progress.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks for coming by and visiting. I’ll do my best to keep adding new content
      in here, no promises though. lol

      Nice to see you involved with the challenge. Stick with it. If you need help
      with something let me know. If I don’t know the answer we’ll get it figured out.

  2. Hi Roy … I feel the same way … this time it’ll be different … I don’t know why but Dean, Craig and Robert seem to have got something very right with the QSC.

  3. Hi Roy,

    You are so right, it’s easy to get distracted, or caught up in the scheme of things. The Internet and life itself can be information overload, and highly tasked driven and get pretty darn busy and wild. The Quick start Challenge program has given me some focus also, I’m going to use the heck out of that planner and commit for the long run…a nice steady pace doing things consistently and correctly.

    Nice video and website!

    1. Thanks Art,

      Indeed a nice steady pace doing things consistently is far better than trying to do everything in one day while actually accomplishing nothing.

  4. From the blogroll it looks like there were over 350 of us that actually made it this far. I am looking forward to seeing how we progress over the next 3 weeks, especially the part that wants us to write a good post every day. And as for doing a video? still it looks like you are off to a good start here.

    1. TY Simon.
      Yeah I’m enjoying the challenge so far.

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