How To Make PLR Articles Unique

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Have you ever wanted too make your own info product but thought it would be to time consuming?
Maybe you thought it would be to difficult.

I’m going to show you a way that not only makes it easy but will also save you some time in the process.
PLR is the answer. A lot of people are set against PLR and have nothing but bad words too say about it.
If done correct this can be the answer to some of your product creation nightmares. Most folks go about this all the wrong way.

They go and buy some crappy product, then either put it out there either as a freebie to build a list or as a paid product. Even if the product is a decent one this kind of thinking will not work.

Why? Because several others have the exact same product and have done the exact same thing.

The first step is for you too look around and find a decent product.

I belong to Monthly Content which I highly recommend for various reasons. Click here and Ryan will give you an overview of his program. I also like because you can find some fairly decent material there at a very reasonable price.

Now that you’ve got some real good information material this is what is going to separate you from the others.
Let’s say you bought an eBook. Look through the rights very carefully to make sure you have rights to do what I’m about to share with you here. Most of the time PLR products give you the right to change wording, graphics, title and change the the authorship to your name. If you have those rights we can proceed. Some PLR comes with different wording so pay close attention to your rights.

This might be a little time consuming but go through the book and rewrite it. You are not necessarily rewriting everything you just want this eBook to be in your words not theirs. Besides in most PLR you are going to find a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. As if I have any room too talk. LOL

I know you’re saying but Roy you said this would save me time. It is. Imagine if you had to write this whole book with nothing to reference from. See what I mean. It’s like having a cheat sheet. Hehehehe. Besides your not rewriting every single word. Only enough so it sounds like the words are coming out of your mouth. Try to shoot for at least 40% change of the copy. More is better but change what your comfortable with.

Now as your rewording this don’t be afraid to put links to paid products or to your website or where ever you want to guide them to.

You should have a pretty good idea by the time you’ve finished what you you want to call this new creation. Change the title DO NOT leave the title the same.

Also change the graphics. Put your name on the cover as the author. You might want to even put your blogs URL right below your name on the cover this will get some more traffic going to your blog.

That’s a quick overview about changing PLR and making it unique to you. Give it a try.

Once you have completed these steps put your new product on the internet where others can access it. Yes do it even if it is not perfect. You can make it perfect later. Trust me, in your opinion it’s never going to be perfect, I know been there done that did that. lol Just get it out there so it can start helping to improve the lives of others.

Leave a comment below and let me know how this worked for you. If you have any questions ask away and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

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