How To Choose A Good Domain Name

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How To Choose A Good Domain Name

Have you figured out which niche you want to enter?

If so, have you decided on a domain name?


If not then don’t worry. Please do not rush this step.

It’s alright to take your time here.


Once you have decided on a niche you will need to find

an available domain name.


Chances are good that all the short keywords will already

have been taken for your niche. If this is the case it’s not a problem.

We have ways to get around this.


First things first. We need to figure out where to get our domain name.


There are two good places I use for this.

One is and the other is This is a matter

of just going to each site and to see which one is offering the best deal at

that particular time.


They both offer a search bar at the top for you to check the availability of

any domain name.


In these search bars start typing some names closely related to your niche.

For instance if the niche you chose is camping then would

be perfect. They’ll immediately let you know if the name can be purchased

or not.


But since is not going to be available we need to get creative.

Try something like or

Make sure the name is niche-specific. You don’t want a website about camping

and have a name like That would only confuse your readers.

And the search engines genuinely despise this kind of activity.


Also try to get a .com. For now it’s the best way to go. People are more familiar

with .com’s than the others. If someone was trying to find your site and it ended

in .info for example but they were thinking .com, well you get the picture right. Their not

going to find your site. It just makes it easier for people to find your site or blog

when they surf the web.


If you get stuck and run out of ideas for a domain name don’t panic. We have

ways to get around this problem.


Go to and start typing in your keywords.


They will literally give you hundreds of ideas to choose from.


Once you have found a niche-specific and related domain name to your keyword

that is a .com head over to and Figure out which

one is offering the best deal that will work for you.

Then go ahead and buy it. They both have a ton of upsells but ignore them. For now

we are only interested in the name. In the future I will do a post on how to put your

domain name on the internet.


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