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How To Build Your List Using JV Giveaways

How To Build Your List

Using JV Giveaways

How To Build Your List Using

JV Giveaways

Since most marketers have
come to realize the importance
of building an email list a new
trend has started for Internet
marketers. This method is a
very effective way to build a list
in a short period of time if done
correct. It is known by most as
JV Giveaways.

This is an easy way to get
started on building your list

  • you can use PLR
  • there are several people
    promoting the event which
    equals hundreds of visitors
  • your list has the potential to
    grow rather rapidly if done

The one main thing is that most of
these giveaways require you to
promote this event as well. So if
you don’t have a list yet you will
need to promote it using Face
Book, Twitter or some other
method to get visitors to the
event or your gift will be
downgraded possibly removed.

These events typically last a
couple of weeks. Some last
longer, some are shorter but the
norm is two weeks.

In general a bunch of email list
owners get together and put
some of their individual gifts into
this time limited event.These
gifts are going to be offered as
freebies once the give away
event begins. Each participating
contributor will offer one or more
of their products, membership
pass or a service.

Once the the event kicks off all
the contributors will start
promoting the freebie give away
to their list, social media or what
ever method they feel is effective.
The collective result of so many
marketers sending visitors to
one event equals lots of visitors.
As you can see the potential of
growing a list in a short period
of time is very possible with
this method.

When a visitor arrives at the site
there will be several pages with
all the gifts listed. Beside each
gift the contributor will have a
brief explanation about the

If someone likes a gift they click
on it and are then directed to the
squeeze page. If they want this
gift they must give their email
information on the opt in form
resulting in being placed on
that persons email list.

This ends up being a win win
situation for everyone because
the visitors have loads of free
gifts to download and with so
many visitors each contributor
can easily add new subscribers
to their list during each event.

If you are struggling to build your
list this is good a way to start.

In order to get notified of
upcoming Give Away Events
stay in touch with other
marketers who are promoting
these events. You can find them
in some Internet Marketing
forums or Google jv giveaways.
One good place to check for
some giveaways is at
They will gladly notify you of each
one they are involved in. The more
promoting equals more visitors.


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