How To Build A List (Even If It’s Your First)

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I’d like to explain a little about why you should
be building
an email list and using it as a
source of income
stream for your business.


Most businesses whether online or offline
already realize the power of building and
owning an email list.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard
others say they wish they had started building
a list sooner.


As soon as they built their email lists was when
they noticed a significant
increase in their


The problem with getting started at list building
is their are so many moving parts that it looks
complicated and confusing in the beginning.
With setting up a squeeze page, finding a
freebie to give away, what is the best way to drive
traffic to our offer, which autoresponder to use,
how to set up the autoresponder and on and on
and on.


Yes at first it does seem scary, but it’s well worth
the effort once you get everything set up and in


I mean practically everyone in the world has an
email list nowadays so it only makes sense…


Of course, silly nilly.


So let’s get you started with your first email list.


Choose A Proper Incentive


The first thing you need to do is find a gift to give
someone for signing up to your email list.


It’s important that this gift be directly related to the
niche you’re involved with.


If you’re in dog training niche make sure your gift
is about dog training. Do not give away something
about dog grooming or dog nutrition. Although they
are all related to dogs grooming and nutrition are 
not directly related to dog training.


A freebie could be:


  • a snippet from an ebook
  • a free or discounted trial to a membership site
  • PLR to a digital product
  • software


Really just use your imagination here. Just make sure
sure the gift is DIRECTLY related to your niche. Also
make sure it has high money value. Yes don’t give
away garbo. Plunty of others are doing that. You want
to stand out from the rest. Make your gift something
they would literally crawl over broken glass in their
birthday suits to get.


Create High Converting Squeeze Pages


A squeeze page should have a powerful headline that
grabs your prospects attention about a particular problem.
This should be followed by a sub-headline  that promises
some kind of a solution to the problem.


Place a few bullet points about the solution and benefits of
the product.


Then put a call to action action with your opt-in form.


This is the basic anatomy of a squeeze page.


Of course other factors are going to make a difference
depending on your target audience, the type of gift and the


You’ll Need An Autoresponder


Yes you are going to need an autoresponder. It’s going to 
make your life a WHOLE lot easier. Besides you need it so
you can easily place an opt-in form where ever you want.


I only use Aweber and Getresponse so those are the only
two I feel comfortable about recommending.


At the time of me writing this both are offering a free 30 day



I would recommend that you place an opt-in form in as many
places as you possibly can. Especially on your blog. If you do
place one on your blog make sure it is located above the fold.



Stay In Touch With Your Subscribers


This is a very important stage of building your email list. This
is where your going to develop a relationship with the people
on your list. Yep, now is the time to bond with them and build
what we refer to as know, like and trust. Once you get this
relationship established is when you’ll have responsive,
buying customers.


So one of the first things you’ll want to do is load your
autoresponder with an email sequence. This will ensure they
are in contact with you on a continual basis in the beginning.


Drive Traffic To Your Offer


Now it’s as simple as driving traffic to your squeeze page and
watching your email list grow.


I’m not going to go into driving traffic here we’ve already covered
a ton of info.


If you want to learn the whole sha-bang from A to Z where I’ll
literally walk you through every step and completely explain every
step in detail then I highly suggest you head over to
List Building Crew And check it out. ===>>



As always Please feel free to leave your comments below.




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