Jul 19

Have You Thought About Producing Your Own Product

I know the thought of creating your own product can be very frightening. But the reality is whether or not you choose to believe it you hold a wealth of knowledge. All product creation has to be is you putting your knowledge onto some type of platform that can be delivered to the end user. It is that simple.

You might be saying but Roy I don’t have any valuable knowledge that any one would be interested in. Ahem, excuse me, I beg to differ with you.

You’re here reading this so that right there shows me that want to gain knowledge in some aspect. Is it list building, product creation, traffic sources or something else? Either way you are gaining now and have gained knowledge in the past.

Also if you are learning about list building don’t give me the excuse “There are already plenty of List Building products out there”

Yes there very well may be plenty of them available. But answer this question for me.

How many of those products are written in your words?

That’s right unless you’ve already written an ebook about list building there are absolutely zero products with your brand on them. What do you think about that?

Here’s an example. I can read one book and not really understand the point the author is trying to convey. Yet take that same information only written by someone else in their style changes everything. Two different people will word things differently. So the same information that I did not understand before now becomes crystal clear when I read it in some body elses words.

So what you should understand is this, by not creating your own product you’re probably cheating several people out of the opportunity to be able to understand the knowledge you have already accumulated. You see others might be lead to some crappy information because you didn’t put you’re product out there on the market.

It’s not that hard to create your own product. Here is what you do. Open up a word document file. Word pad, note pad, open office, kompozer or even jot down notes on a piece of paper with a pen or pencil. I prefer to use a pencil because I know there is going to a lot of  erasing. lol

Now figure out what exactly what your product is going to be about. Write that at the top of the page.

Next write down at least 10 topics you want to include in this ebook. These will be the chapters for your ebook.

Under each topic write 8 to 10 sub-topics that relate directly with the topic it’s attached to. This will be the content for each chapter.

Go through each sub-topic and write everything you want to convey to your reader. Some will be short 2 to 3 paragraphs while others might be 10 or more paragraphs. The only important thing is that you put all of or most of the important aspects into this product.

Don’t rush through this process. You’re not trying to put out another piece of garbage, there are already plenty of those out there on the market.

Arrange each sub-topic under each topic so they flow together as the reader reads them.

Do the the same with each topic making sure they also flow together as the reader reads them.

Either make your own ecover for your ebook or go somewhere like or and get an ebook cover made.

You’ll want to place some disclaimers,legal notices and other such pages inside your new product but I’m not going to go into detail about that here.

Inside of open office or which ever word document you choose enter your ebook cover and your newly created ebook text.

Then inside open office you have the ability to transform your work into a PDF.

You now have a product to sell or give away.


Please leave your comments or share how you make your products below.


  1. Annette Marcantonio

    Great article Roy.
    I have so often downloaded an ebook only to find that I have read it before.
    The ‘new’ author has bought a PLR book and not changed anything. It’s very disappointing
    and frustrating.
    You only need to see the requests for help on the QSC Facebook page to get an idea for an
    original new product.
    I do use PLR but I make sure I change most of the content usually i make a simpler version.
    Good luck with the rest of the challenge.

    1. Roy A. Jones

      That is so true Annette. I try to show how you can use PLR to easily create your own product. Normally the first few products someone creates are so scary to them that it just never happens. With a few simple changes one can have their own product online in a matter of a week or two or even a day. Heck once they get comfortable with the process they can do this in some cases in as little as a couple of hours.

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