Google adds Voice Dictation to Google Docs

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Google adds voice dictation to Google Docs

Sometimes you just don’t feel like typing but you need to get some content written and that’s where voice dictation can come in handy.


Lucky for us Google Docs has added voice dictation.


I’m actually using it right now and it has not made a mistake yet.


So far I’m actually pretty impressed. My guess is I’ll be using this in the future.


If you want to give this voice dictation a try go to ===>>


Oh yeah, did I mention this is also free.


Then in the middle of the page you’ll see a blue rectangular box that says “Go to Google Docs”.


After that you want to open up a new document. Click on the blank one and that’ll open up a blank page for you.


In the top left-hand corner in the top menu select tools, in the drop-down menu select voice typing.


Once you’re ready to start typing click on the microphone icon that’s located over to the left hand side and start speaking the words you want to type.


If the microphone icon appears dark the dictation service is turned off.


Click on the microphone and it will turn red, now you can start speaking your text.


When you’re finished or if you want to pause click on the microphone again and it will turn dark, that means the dictation service is turned off.


When you’re ready to resume click on the microphone again and it will turn red. You are now ready to start speaking your text once again.


And there you go. you are now voice typing. It’s literally like having your very own digital secretary right next to you.


How cool is that.


And I want to give you a word of warning here, you will want to be very careful of the words you use.


If you’re thinking out loud and your thoughts happen to be ahh s*** what the f*** did I just do. As you can see Google doesn’t know that wasn’t supposed to be part of your Word document. LOL The words just get put in there.


So just a word of the wise, be careful what you say to Google and proof read everything.


There are also voice commands you can use with Google Docs voice dictation  such as say “period” at the end of a sentence that will add the. for you.  


Or the command “apply italics” will make you words italics.


The voice command “new line” will move your text down to the next line.


Thankfully for people like me Google has added to voice command of undo for all of those times we make mistakes.


For a more complete listing of Google’s voice typing commands go to ===>>


If you have any thoughts you’d like to add about Google’s voice dictation service or if you have any comments make sure to leave them below.


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  1. Good post. By the way, this only works in Google Chrome.

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