Goal Setting or New Years Resolution

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goal_setting_or_new_years_resolutionWell your prolly asking
what’s difference between
the two?



To tell ya truth not a whole



You see when most of us set our New Years resolutions
we just set one whole big picture and leave the fine details



However when we set our goals we fill in the ___ with all
the much needed information that gives us the precise
process and direction in order that we can reach our




So why set goals:

You’ve probably set goals for yourself everyday without
even realizing it.


If you have a 9 to 5  J.O.B. my guess is you have a
morning routine you go through. You know brush your
teeth, shave, possibly a shower, cup of coffee or tea
and maybe a bite of breakfast. These are short term


Then Zoom Zoom off to work you go. You know exactly
where your going…RIGHT? Point A. (home) to POINT B.
(work) Voila another short term goal.


Now your at work and you perform your assigned tasks…
whatever they may be…I mean come on I don’t know what
they are. lol Another short term goal achieved.


Then tomorrow morning comes along and you repeat
that same process.


You do these same short term goals until you’ve
reached the main goal.




You See.

Just about every successful business person, high level
athlete or any high achiever in every field and walk of life
also set goals.


Setting goals can give you a long term vision of where
you want to be in a certain period of time and also keeps
you motivated while you successfully complete the short
term goals required to reach your long term goal.


If you don’t have a goal of some sort you’ll eventually lose
the vision of where your final destination is supposed to
take you.


If you have a main goal and then precise and clearly
defined short term goals it will take the pointless grind
out of the seemingly unachievable long term goal while
raising your satisfaction and self confidence by noticing
the accomplishments you make while accomplshing your
short term goals.



The first thing to do is figure out what is it that you want
to specifically accomplish.


Once you have that defined now it’s time to put a realistic
time frame that’s going to get you where you want to be.


Some people say I want to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks or I
want to be making $5,000 per month online 30 from now.
These are simply not realistic goals and you’re setting
yourself up for failure.


Some goals that may be more obtainable for you to reach
if you’re willing to put in the effort might be lose 5 pounds in
4 weeks (also more healthy by the way) or be making $5 per
week online 90 days from now.


So in reality according to them numbers it’s going to take
you 16 weeks to lose those 20 pounds or really depending
on which route you choose the time will vary on you getting
to $5,000 per month.



It’s time to set some smaller goals that will help us reach
the final long term goal.


One good thing to keep in mind here is when your setting
these short term goals is keep them as few and specific
as possible.


There are studies that show we tend to lose focus after
5 to 7 items at any given one time.


Kinda like…YES I’ve done this…when you ask for directions
to get somewhere and they give you a BAZILLION places to
turn and all these landmarks to lookout for, well after the third,
fourth or maybe even the fifth turn left then go straight past
the ___ and take a right, well if-n your anything like me you be

like “Where in the hell am I?” More lost now than before LOL


So please DO NOT overload yourself with these short term



Keep goals realistic also.


Try using this system some folks refer to as the

S.M.A.R.T. system.


What is this S.M.A.R.T. system? WELL>>>



  • Specific– Be as specific as possible about what you must do in order to reach your main goal.
  • Measurable– There happens to be an old adage that goes “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” If  possible quantify the result so you can track whether or not you hit the goal.
  • Achievable– Make sure your long term and short term goals are realistic. Losing 60 pounds in 7 days is unrealistic. Losing 2 pounds in the next week is a very obtainable goal.
  • Realistic– This is where you really need to be honest with yourself. We all have BIG dreams but sometimes our means or our DESIRE is just not enough to get us to the point of finishing certain goals.
  • Time Framed– Every goal needs to have an ending date associated with it, or it will simply be a dream and never get finished. These ending dates need to be date specific such as July 31st or November 15th.

Now write your main goal down and below that write
the short term goals you will need to accomplish that
are going to get closer to accomplishing the long term
goal. Remember no more than 5 to 7 short term goals.


Break these short term goals down even further if


For instance what needs to happen every month to get
you where you need to be at the 6 month mark in order to
make the 12 month long term goal a reality.


What weekly steps should be taken for those monthly
landmarks to be reached.


Map out a day by day plan of what you need to be doing
so the weekly goals are met.


What exactly do you need to be doing each hour of each
specific day to reach each daily goal.


Review your written goals often and every time you
complete a goal no matter how big or small reward
yourself to some kind of treat you enjoy…no matter
how large or small. lol


A lot of people set big goals at the beginning of each
New Year also known as New Years resolutions.



I for one do not ever have a New Years resolutions and
there’s a reason for that.


I’ve never kept one that was successful.


I have however made a few GOALS and succeeded
with them.


So if it’s New Years, March, August or December go
set yourself up an obtainable goal.



Leave any comments or questions below.



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