Getting Started in Internet Marketing

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Choose one niche and focus on it



It’s far better especially if you’re just at the

beginning of your internet marketing (IM) career

to choose one niche and then stick to ONLY that

one niche until you get into the swing of

things and start making money on a consistent




There are three major types of niches that are

evergreen and good ones to get involved with

and they are:



Now that’s the BROAD version of each one.

You would first need to figure out which

category interests you the most and then go

about choosing a sub-niche.





Let’s say for instance you like the health niche.

Well that in and of itself is just way to broad to

compete with so you’ll be needing to niche it




Maybe something like “Fit after 45” or

“Healthy diets for in your fifties”.



You see those are smaller niches with less

competition giving you a better chance of

getting your keywords seen by eyeballs.



I’ve wrote an article that goes a little more

in depth about choosing the right niche

here ===>>




So if you don’t yet have a chosen niche and

need a little more guidance go there and I’ll

show you how to do just that.



Get a domain name



Now you’re going to want to get a domain

name that closely resembles your niche.

Let’s say you choose the stream trout

fishing niche.



Then a good choice for a domain name

could be “” or

“” or even


You get the point…Right!



I always like to buy my domain names at It’ll cost you in the range

of $10.



If you want some more information about

choosing a good domain name I wrote an

article about it over at ===>>




In fact if I were you I’d go read that article

because I actually do give a couple good tips for

doing this.



Get hosting for the domain name $10 per month

You will need hosting in order to get your blog

visible on the internet.



There are many places to get a hosting account,

for the sake of this article I’m going to recommend




Choose products to promote



If your just starting out it might be wise for you to

promote products as an affiliate in the beginning.



This will let you start placing links in your content

on both your posts and pages throughout your




That way you can immediately begin earning




I do however STRONGLY suggest that start

creating your own products.



Having your own products will make you look

more like an authority figure in your niche and

plus you just make more cha-ching with your

own products.



What you don’t know how to make your own




That’s alright, I’ve got you covered ===>>…your-own-product-162/



Get an autoresponder



This is a very important tool for all IMers so

don’t even try and fool yourself by thinking

you don’t need an autoresponder.



This is where you’re to to setup email

sequences that will automatically begin

going to your list once they subscribe.



It’s also where you make your opt-in forms.



That’s just mentioning a few of the bennies

of an autoresponder.



The two autoresponders I use and recommend

are Aweber and GetResponse.



Right now as I write this article they are both

offering a free 30 day trial then it’s $15 to $19 per

month so go have a look at both of them and see

which one has the plan that best fits you.



After you sign up with one of them write a 14 to 30

day email campaign sequence for your email list

that you will be building.



Now it’s time top ut your domain on wordpress

(free to do inside your cpanel) and get some

content on there with affiliate links scattered

throughout the content.



Make at least 3 different squeeze pages to use

for for split testing.



You can place these squeeze pages on your

blog and then start driving traffic to them.



There is plenty of information out there about

getting traffic.



Either Google Or YouTube will give you more

than enough advice about driving traffic to your




Be sure to place an opt-in form above the fold

that shows on every page and post on your blog.



Once you get an email list you can write emails

that sends traffic to your blogs content that has

clickable links that lead to sales pages in which

you’ll get paid for every purchase.



Or if you find a product that you find very useful

and think it would help others… send them there

with your affiliate link.


Obee Kabee that’s about enough said for right




So get on out there get your online internet

marketing business started.



And as usual leave your questions and comments

right below us.





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