Free Ways To Build an Email List

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There are BOO-KOO several different
ways of building an email list so we
aren’t gonna cover everyone of them
here on this post for obvious reasons.
It would just be WAAYYY to damned


First off let’s get this totally straight,
you’re going to have get an
autoresponder. There really is just no
way around it.


I use Aweber and GetResponse so
those are the only two I can really
recommend for you.


At the time of me writing this article
they are both offering a free 30 day
trial period.


Both have different payment options
depending on list size so go to both of
them and have a looksie to see which
offers a package that is going to best
suit your needs.


Once you get set up with an
Autoresponder (AR) you start setting up
some lists inside it and start building
your email list.


Inside the AR you can make some opt-in
forms. So make at least one that’s
connected to one of your free giveaways
and then put that opt-in form on your blog.
I always like to place mine in the right hand
side bar and ALWAYS at the top above the


This will be one of the ways you’re going
to be building your list so always be actively
driving traffic to your blog or website you
have any opt-in forms on.




Did I hear you say you have no blog or


You need to go get one.


Just start a blog much like I did with this
one or start a website centered around
a niche you want to get involved with.


Either way get one up and running with
an opt-in form, or for that matter several
opt-in forms.


Make sure to be consistently posting
good quality content on your blog to get
your followers wanting to repeatedly visit
your site.


Inside your content make sure to add
any affiliate links for products you happen
to be promoting and links that lead to
sales pages of your products also if they
are relevant and beneficial to the content
your posting. These links will help to
supplement your online income.


One other free way to build an email list
is JVGiveaways.


This is where you will be a contributor
along with several other list builders and
each of you will offer your freebie gifts in
order to entice others to give you their
email addresses.


They also offer paid options to join as
well which will actually help you build your
list even quicker and bigger.


You can go here and get peek at events
which are available for you to join. ===>>


They also have an offer where you can
co-host your own giveaway event. If you
do this they flat out guarantee you 1,000


That’s right…ONE THOUSAND
subscribers. Holy Golly Gee Shazaam.


Go there to see about it ===>>


Make sure to have some social share
buttons installed on your blog so when
you post some kickazz content and your
readers want to share it with their friends
on a social media site they can do so
with the click of a button. This added love
is going to add subscribers to your email


Now if your COMPLETELY serious
about taking this list building thing to a
whole new level then CLICK HERE and
let’s get the show on da road.


royajones85x85There now leave any
questions, comments or
complaints below.

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