Follow Your Path that Leads to your Dreams

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We get stuck in a rut trying to

figure out this internet marketing



There are so many ways that

actually do work and make money

for folks on the internet each and



That in my opinion is why so many

of us get distracted and never

reach our goals.


The MAIN reason most of us don’t

reach our goals is because we don’t

stick with ONE PLAN long enough to

ever reach even the most simple goals.


Why is it that some of us make a lot

money while others make a fair amount

and others make a buck or two here and

there or maybe even not making any

cha-ching at all.


The successful internet marketers are the

ones who chose not to be a newbie for

their entire IM career.


They decided to pick a path and follow it.


One single path, not 5, 8 or 10.


It’s far easier to learn about and implement

one system at a time compared to learning

about 10 or 20 different online marketing



You see when we try to learn about more

than one subject at a time, that’s when the

information overload kicks in.


Read that last sentence again.


So choose one path to follow then set

some realistic goals to achieve your



What are some good paths to follow?


There are literally 1,000’s and that’s

where most us hit the stumbling blocks.


Let’s explore a few paths or directions

we might want to follow:


Some make thousands of dollars by

focusing on solo ads as a foundation to

quickly build an email list.


So List Building and email marketing

are a definite good possibility to explore.





You could learn everything you can about

one marketing strategy like maybe

marketing on YouTube.


Get out there on forums, social media or

where ever people are asking questions

about THAT ONE STRATEGY you’re

learning and give out some valuable




Put up a website or blog where you can

post good content as you learn it.


Pretty soon you will become known as

authority figure in that area and people

will have respect for you.


That my friend is when you can make

your own products and start cashing in

BIG time.


What, you’re telling me you don’t know

where to get content to make any kind

of a product?


HUH…you’ve splattered advice to others

all over the internet, you’ve wrote several

posts on your blog.



You have already made the content.



Now just go gather it up, organize it so it

all flows together then put it into whatever

format you want it to be in and put it on

the marketplace.




If you choose to follow a path that you’re

already familiar with you could become a

product creator. Why not, you already have

the info locked inside your noggin so why

not use it.




You could go with affiliate marketing. You

just need to drive traffic to the sales pages

with affiliate links. This of course is not a

good way to go if you’re looking to build an

email list of your own but it most certainly is

one quick way to start making money.


Those are only a few of the many paths

there are to follow.


The most important thing is… that you

choose only one method and stick to it.


If you choose to keep bouncing from one

strategy to the next you’re going to be in

the exact same position you are in right at

this very minute exactly one year from right



Now for the next important step.


If you really want to start seeing the income

you desire it’s essential that you make out a

plan that is going to get you there.


If you leave point A and want want to get to

point B you can’t get there without a clear path

to follow or you will simply get lost.


So we need to set out some realistic and

achievable goals.


Take some time and really think this out.



This is serious and not to be taken lightly.


First figure out what kind of an income

would be good for you in 12 months from

right now.


Let’s say for example $40,000 would be a

good annual income for you. Remember

we’re making realistic achievable goals here.


So a good goal to achieve might be getting

200 members to a $17 membership and

maintaining or even growing the membership

on a consistent basis.


Or let’s say you chose the affiliate marketing

method. Find a combination of some good

quality affiliate products to promote that will

produce $160 dollars per day for you.


Sell them and make that $160 per day for

250 days.


Figure out exactly what your plan is to get you

to that goal.


Now take that whole goal and break it down

into smaller chunks like maybe weekly goals

or daily goals that are going to move you

toward the end goal of $3340 per month

within the next 12 months.


You see, you now have straight clear path to



Stick to this path and follow no other until

you become successful at this one and reach

your goal and you will finally be living your

dream as an online internet marketer.


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