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I keep hearing from new internet marketers saying “I think I’ll just give up”.

I can’t tell you how many times that same thought has crossed my mind.

There is just way to much to learn…or so we make it seem that way for
ourselves anyhoo.

There is a lot to learn in internet marketing if you try learning everything
about everything.

Our minds are not designed to take in and process that much information
at one time.

That’s why some of us will start a project and we hit a little bump and begin
to think I think I may have jumped in over my head on this one. So we put it
on hold thinking we’ll get back to it.

Pretty soon our hard drive is cluttered with these half (or almost finished)

Instead of bearing down and getting past that little bump we keep on jumping
from one project to another, never finishing a single one.

It’s the finished projects that make you your money, not the unfinished ones
scattered all over your hard drive.

The same goes with our internet marketing learning curve.

We’ll buy a WSO because the sales page made this offer look to good to pass

The first part of the WSO is easy. But then getting towards the middle it starts to
get a little tough. Then close to the end there might be something in it that your
gonna have to step way out of your comfort zone.

So what do you do?

You begin pondering and wondering how the heck are you even going come
close to accomplishing this task.

So you jump over to Facebook for awhile.

Then you figure you better go and check your email.

Oh no.

Your inbox is loaded, and I mean loaded, with all kinds of offers and you begin
looking at them.

I say “Oh No Again” because a sales letter caught your attention and now you’ve
found an easy way you can make money. So now you can forget about doing that
task that was going to take you completely out of your comfort zone.

I’m going to tell you this training is not really much different than the last one.
Towards the end your going to more than likely lose interest in this one also.

Internet marketing takes work. Especially in the beginning.

This ain’t no stroll in the park while eating your cake too…sweet cheeks.

You really need to pick one niche and one tactic of how you’re going to build your
internet business.

For me it’s list building and email marketing in the internet marketing niche.

When you do come across little hurdles your gonna have to start working around

Remember your building a business for yourself, not a hobby.

When you narrow down what it is that your going to concentrate on, you will begin
watching your business move forward in a positive direction.

If you would like to make list building the core focus of your business I’ve put together
a superb course.

I’m not going to get into everything you’ll learn in the course but it’s a lot.

If you want to go have a looksie head on over to ===>>


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