Email Marketing Basics

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What is email marketing:


Email marketing is one way a company, business or brand can

connect to it’s customers/clients.


It’s a way of staying in contact with your customers between

their purchases and being able to build a Know, Like,Trust (KLT)

relationship with them.


It’s an extremely affordable and very effective way of marketing

so it has become popular with businesses of all sizes. Yep from

the one person operating out of a home office all the way up to

the BIG BOY corporations.




Types of email used:


There are several types of email types used for marketing. They

can be newsletters, a special offer promotion or a reminder

notice or___ or___ or___ … lol yes many different types.


The most popular type of email used for the purpose of marketing

is what we call a newsletter.


These are normally mailed out on a fairly consistent frequency.


The frequency and the way you format your newsletters will

greatly depend on the type of business you’re in and the type of

relationship you’re trying to establish with your email list.


Now for that old famous question “How often should we send out

a newsletter to our list?”


Some will mail once a day while others tend to mail 3 to 4 times

a week or maybe even once per week while I’ve seen some

marketers mail up to 10 or times per day. My suggestion is test

with your list. Each list is different and each situation is unique.

The relationship you develop with your list will determine how often

you should send out them emails.


Just a little tip for ya, I’ve sent an email that was telling a story and

before the story ended I said “To be continued tomorry”. hehehe

Then tomorry I never sent that email finishing the story for them.


I received several emails asking if they had accidentally trashed my

email or if I had just forgotten to email them on that “tomorry” day.

Yeah I know goofy HUH! They were actually wanting that email from






Well this one goes UNSAID and flippin UNSPOKEN

“You need to have an Autoresponder” plain and simple.


I’m not even going to explain why you need to have this service

in your internet marketing arsenal here. It really and truly

should be self explanatory.


Sure you can probably handle your list of a handful or so in the

beginning but later once this list grows your not going to get

the deliverable rates as you will with a good autoresponder service.

Not to mention the convenience of organizing and having complete

control over all of your lists (yes I said lists you’ll want to segregate

your lists and it’s easy to do with an autoresponder), plus the ease of

writing an email just one time and hitting that good ole send

button ONCE and watching that email automatically go out to

1,000’s who are on your list. And having the ability to set up an

email sequence just one time and then it works on autopilot over

and over and over and over again and again…Need I say MORE?

I thought not.


Now that we get the picture here are the autoresponders I use and

highly recommend===>> Aweber and Getresponse


They offer different plans with different price points so go and

have a looksie at both of them to see which plan best fits your



At the time of me writing this here article they are both

offering a free 30 day trial so don’t dilly dally go on over get

your autoresponder account going on and get some subscribers

added into there.


YEEHAW we be building our email list now Nellie 😛



Now if you happen to be wondering, yup both of them are affiliate

links. So if you use them Ole Uncle Roy just might make some

commission. And that is exactly what I tell everyone to

do…scatter some affiliate links throughout your blog. Use that

real estate space for making some moolah. I mean we are internet

marketers, Right?



Let’s get started:


I’m going to assume you already have an email list built.

I’m also going to assume you’ve decided to go with using the

newsletter as a way of communicating with your subscribers.

I’m also going to assume you already know the basics of list



Say WHAT? NO? You still need to learn a little about list

building. Alright then go here and educate yourself then come on

back ===>>


Ahh yes the age old question of single or double optin.

Well there’s so many trains of thought on this subject it’s hard

tell which one to jump on. I mean sheesh.


Here’s the scoop real brief and to the point:


Single optin no doubt is gonna get you more optins yes indeed.


But if you’re dealing with cold traffic you may be running a

higher risk of getting your emails marked as spam. If you do

choose the single optin method make sure the very first email you

send them fully explains the type of emails they can expect to be

receiving from you and why they are on your email list. Also let

them know that at the end of every email you send there is an

option to unsubscribe.>> It helps to put them at ease knowing they

can depart from your fantastic companionship at any given time.


Now the double optin method is going to get you less optins but

you don’t have to worry so much about the spam issue.


So in a nutshell that’s it, without going to much in depth about



How you go about it single or double is up to you.


I would advise that you try to stay on top of legal issues that

deal email marketing such as the CAN-SPAM ACT and other laws

that I’m not going to list here cause obviously I ain’t no

attorney and am not about to give out ANY kind of legal advice.


Getting them emails opened:


It’s getting harder and harder and harder to get this done.


Some say if the subject line don’t grab their attention they

won’t open your emails. Well there’s some truth to that.


Here’s what I want you to do, the next time you go to your inbox

and start going through your emails I want you to pay close

attention to your actions.


If you’re like me the first thing I do is start scrolling down and

check marking the names I never open and then I throw those in

the trash folder. You know the ones, all those people who  send

out the most BORING emails you could possibly imagine. Or

there the ones that always have a damn sales pitch…ALWAYS!

Nothing useful, nothing entertaining, just wanting me to use my

credit card…ain’ta gonna happen you foolish JOKERS!!!

Y’all just don’t get an open from me you dumb fools. LOL


Now on occasion one of those fools will have a subject line that

does grab my attention so yes I will open it. In that case the

subject line did matter.


I’m here to tell you right now, the most important thing in

getting your emails opened is building a relationship with your

list. Yes sirree. Believe you and me once you develop a Know Like

Trust relationship with your list they’ll open almost every email

you send them.


You know what else happens once this magic gets ta goin on?


They feel like they know you as a close friend so naturally

they’re going to like you. And since they like you well, they

gonna trust you. So when you tell them about a good experience

you had with a certain product let me tell you, they’re going to go

have a look. If they can afford it and they think they need this

product you just scored some commission my friend.


Make your emails be like the ones you like to read. Don’t be like

all those other boring corporate look a like jokers out there.


Heck no. Stand out. Be you and put some of your

goofy personality in them thar emails. Don’t worry about pissing

some subscribers off.


You are not even remotely possibly going please everyone so don’t

even try cause if you do try I’ll tell you exactly what is going to



You’re gonna piss everyone off. Take it from me, I know, been

there, done it, did that. Just learn from me and don’t do it.


I said email marketing basics at the beginning didn’t I?

Well that should be about enough to get you out there shooting

out some email campaigns and broadcasts.


I look forward to hearing all about your success stories. Also

leave any comments or questions you might have below in the

comments section. And yes if you must go ahead and leave me your

complaints also. Later all.




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