Creating Squeeze Pages That Convert

Shall we cover the basics of creating squeeze pages
that convert?


We’ll go over their basic purpose and design.


What Is A Squeeze Page


A squeeze page is also sometimes referred to as a 
landing page. However there are differences between
the two. A landing page usually goes well beyond the
fold while a squeeze page is normally above the the
fold. They are short, simple and to the point.


The basic objective of a squeeze page is to offer a
product or service in exchange for someones email
address. That’s why it’s called a squeeze page…your
squeezing their information out of them. lol


Basic Elements Of A Squeeze Page


There are very few elements to squeeze page and for
good reason. You want the reader to experience as few
distractions as possible. There is really only one purpose
of your squeeze page and that is to obtain their there email
address from them in order to get another potential future


So what are these basic elements you may be asking…

  1. There should be a bold attention grabbing headline
    makes them want to know more.
  2. A sub-headline that either answers the question of the
    headline or explains a few of the benefits of the offer.
    Instead of a sub-headline you could use a few bullet
    points. I would say 5 max.
  3. The opt-in form which you will get inside your
    autoresponder. It doesn’t hurt to have an arrow or some
    sort of a figure pointing to your opt-in form.
  4. The Call To Action. Be very specific in the details letting
    them know exactly what you want them to do.


The Squeeze Page Offer


You’ll want to do some research to see what is popular in your
niche. It seems this continually changes over time.


This can be a PDF of some sort, an ebook, a short excerpt from
one of your products, video, audio anything that can be delivered
to their inbox. You may want to consider a physical product if your
looking to get their physical address.


Make definitely sure the offer is exactly what they are signing up
for. Also make sure it is directly related to the niche.


There are many different formats and tools to choose from when
creating various different high converting squeeze pages.


I suggest you go have a looksie around the internet and get a feel
for all the different variations then go and give a shot at creating
your own squeeze page.


There you have it…the basics.


Squeeze pages are excellent tools for building email lists.


If you would like to learn more about list building then
I would suggest you head on over to ===>>


Please feel free to leave your thoughts and
comments below.










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