Choosing The Right Niche

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Instead of being scattered all over
the place it’s much easier if you
pick just one niche and run with it.

This will also help you to stay
more focused so maybe you can
finally settle down and quit
bouncing from one online business
opportunity to the next.

There are three broad niches that
are always evergreen. In other
words niches inside of these seem
to always do well and will continue
to do so in the future.

Wanna know what they are?

I thought so… Here they are===>>


Now don’t go and choose one of
those, they are simply way to big
in and of their selves.

No you are going to need to niche
them down.

HUH? Say what.

Yes niche it down. We’ll get to that
here in a bit.


Let’s get started. shall we.

There are many places to look for
smaller niches but for now we’ll go
with these and that will give you
the basic idea of what you;ll need
to do.

So head on over to

On the left hand side you’ll notice
a column, click on the CB

That should have opened a page that
says ClickBank Categories For you.

Those are all niches.


Now open up a  word doc. like notepad,
OpenOffice Writer or whatever you use. Heck
just grab a pen/pencil and a piece
of paper, that’ll work just as
good. Start copying and pasting or
writing down all the ones that
interest you.

Like this===>>

Email Marketing
Niche Marketing

Your list can be as big or small as you want,
we’ll whittle it down later.

Another good place to look is over on Amazon.

Yup go to and
have a look around at their best sellers. If you click
on where it says See more Best Sellers in _______ it’ll show you more best sellers
in that category.

Also over to the left hand side you’ll see a column.


Click on Books.

Now you’re at the best seller books section. You can get tons of ideas for niches here.
Also again over to the left is a column listing all kinds of different niches. You could
click on any subject that interests you and find some niches that way.

There are plunty of other ways to get niche ideas but these are good enough to get a
good list.

Now that we have our list let’s go to

You will need an Adwords account but don’t fret if you don’t have one…it’s free to get one.

Once you’re logged in look over to the left.

Click on “Search for new keywords using a phrase,website or category”.

Right below that enter one of keywords (niches). Then below that click the “Get ideas” tab.

Alrighty just below those blue bars you will see a “Keyword ideas” tab”. Click it.

\Now understand this internet stuff changes constantly so it may or may be the same when
|you go there but look for it and you should be fine.

Now it just created a huge list of more niches. lol

You can also get niche ideas from these also. And yes I most certainly would be looking at them.

As you’re checking your niche make sure the Average monthly searches are no less than 10,000
and the Suggested bid is no less than $1.

The reason being is that if people are spending money on ads there is a heck of good chance
people are buying products in that niche.

Now make another list and this list is going to be your “Profitable niche list”.

Anything that meets the search volume and the suggested bid will go on this list.

It’s still a good idea to Google your keywords just to make sure sure their really are ads on the page.

Also if you plan on promoting as an affiliate make sure there are plenty of products for you to promote.
It won’t do you any good if there’s only a couple or very few products to promote.

There now you have a list of profitable niches to choose from.


Select one that you feel fits you the best and you now have a niche to work with and make some moo-lah.


Alrighty then we covered a lot of territory here. I hope this explained everything and answered any
questions you may have had about choosing and selecting a profitable niche.

As always feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

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