Building an Email List From Scratch

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What is an Email List?

An email list is basically a list of email addresses which gives a company, vendor or person the ability to stay in contact with people who have shown an interest in what they have to offer.


A lot of internet users opt-in to email lists so they can keep up with topics they’re interested in.


Heck I’m on one guys email list because I really enjoy reading his emails. They’re always funny as all get out and never fail to give me a couple of chuckles.


I’m on some email lists because they send out valuable information on a constant basis.


And yet I’m on other email lists so I can get a feel for how other internet marketers run their online business.


Why you should build an email list

If you ask just about any successful internet marketer they’ll tell you their list is their most valuable asset.


Many IM’ers go years without building a list in the beginning.


Once they decide to get a list built and develop a relationship with their email list everyone of them see a very nice increase in their income. They realize this list is now their their numero uno asset. YEP number one asset.


Whether you are new and just starting your internet biz or your an ole pro it’s essential that you start building one as soon as you possibly can.


This email list is going to be a way you can drive traffic to any offer, any web page or any where on the internet you want to send traffic to by simply writing an email and clicking on that good ole send button.


You own this list so guess WHAT

it’s free traffic. And this traffic is going to get you a lot more clicks than any traffic you’ll pay for because they Know you…they Like you and they Trust you.


So you see you really must build one. Especially if you have one or more websites. Get an opt-in form on them. It just makes no sense to not do this.


This is a way to add another valuable income source to your multiple streams of income.


If you have a fear of not knowing where or how to get started with building a list then I strongly urge you to go here and get started…

Things you’ll need


Yes there are a few things you will need but they are inexpensive and once you start making some moolah from your list it will more than pay for these minor costs.


Are you still with me?


Quite a few get a running once they hear they have to invest MONEY. Lol


These really are small costs as you will see.


I don’t know of any business you can start and run with without some sort of a financial investment.


Let’s go and have a looksie.


You will need these:

  • domain name
  • hosting
  • autoresponder


Once you figure out which niche you want to be in you’ll need to go and get a domain name.


This is going to be where you are going to place your content that you produce.


The cost of this is going to be right around 10 dollars. See I told you cheap.


There are several good places to go and buy your domain name from but I always get mine from Namecheap.


The wise thing to do is always buy your domain names from one registrar because later down the road if you wind up with several domain names they can all be conveniently located in one place instead of scattered all over several registrars.


Makes sense, RIGHT!


Now that you have your domain name your going to need a host. This is going to run you about 10 buckaroonies per month.


This will give you a presence on the internet. Just like your house has an address so people know where to find you, the host you will give you a cyber address so your visitors will know where to find you and everything you have to offer on the internet.


For hosting Hostgator seems to be a popular choice. I highly recommend you do your due diligence here and look around to find the hosting company that best meets your needs.


Hosting is going to run you somewhere in the tune $10 a month. It’s really going to depend on who you decide to use as to how much your monthly cost is going to be.


There are many options to use as your autoresponder (AR) but the two I currently use and highly recommend are Aweber and Getresponse.


As I said there there are many to choose from but Aweber seems to be the easiest to use.


At the time of me writing this you will get your first month for free and then it will be $19 per month after that.


If you choose to use Getresponse they also offer a free first month trial offer and then it will cost $15 a month.


So there it is, should cost you right around 20 dollars to get started and then let’s say about 30 bucks a month after your first month.


But I’m telling you if you build your list the correct way all these costs will be covered by what you make from your list and the best way to get started and make sure your doing it right is to not go at it blindly…no no no. Just a bad idea. Go here and get started the right way.


We need a gift to offer our subscribers


You ain’t gonna give up your email address without someone offering you something of value and neither is anyone else.


So you will need to find a gift of sort that you can offer to people in exchange for their email addresses.


These gifts can be something that you produce or something that you have the rights to give away. If you’re using something that you have the rights to give away make sure to read and understand the EXACT rights you have. These rights vary from one vendor to the next and from product to product.


The types of gifts you’ll want to use will vary from niche to niche.


I strongly urge you to research what others are giving away in the niche you have chosen and try to out do them. Make your freebie something that has monetary value to it…this is critical.


If your just giving away something that’s only worth $2 or $3 they might pass your offer by. But, if you’re offering something that has a perceived value of $50 or even $100 value they are probably going to think “Heck, I just can’t pass this up”. LOL


So make sure your freebie is something…here goes the ole proverbial… they would crawl over broken glass while naked to get it.


A good way to find out what others are using to get email addresses is to Google the niche you’re in and go visit several sites in that niche.


You could also go to forums in that niche and hang out looking at what others are asking for. Then find a product that closely matches their needs.


There are many other ways to do this these are only a couple.


Again depending on the niche you choose will greatly depend on what kind of gift you could offer.


These gifts could be:


  • software
  • ebooks
  • videos
  • short reports
  • free entry level to a membership site
  • cheat sheets
  • 5 minutes of your time on Skype to answer their questions


Basically anything they really really REALLY super duper want really bad.


Once you have your gift go to your cPanel and upload it. You can also upload it in a FTP client.


To use your cpanel you will need to log into www.yourdomainname/cpanel.


If you wish to use the FTP client there are paid options and free ones. The free one I would recommend is Filezilla. You can get it here ===>>


If you have any questions about how to do any of this go to YouTube, there are plenty of videos that show how to do this.


Now log into your autoresponder set up an optin form for your offer.


There should be instructional videos inside your AR account that shows you how to do this or you could also go to YouTube for some help.


I’m not going to go into it here but you’ll need to set up WordPress. Once again Youtube is gonna be your friend here. Go over there and ask and you will find a video with the answer.


Once you’re inside WordPress get your opt-in form installed.


As you can see on this page I always like to place mine on the right hand side and have it so it’s located above the fold.


I’d suggest that you do the same in the beginning.


Now you’ll need to begin driving traffic to your website and there are many methods to do this with both paid and free.


A few of the paid ways are:

  • solo ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Twitter ads
  • Adwords
  • place banner ads on others websites
  • plus many other ways…


Some of the free ways can include:

  • article marketing
  • post on forums using signature
  • facebook groups related to your niche

continuously posting content to your website

  • guest posting on other sites with links back to your site
  • JV giveaways
  • once again plus many other ways


Once you get traffic to start flowing to your website on a consistent basis your email list will begin to grow.


If you want a more in depth look on how to build a highly responsive email list then here and have a look ===>>


I could go on and on and on and on but this post is already getting pretty wordy so me tinks we’ll call it quits for now.


Leave any questions or comments below.

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