Building An Effective Responsive Email List

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The importance of having an email list


I really can’t get my mind wrapped around why
so many IMers think email marketing is dead.

Let’s think about this for just one quick moment.
It happens all the time and you may be guilty of

You either get bored or you get frustrated with
what you’re working on.

Instead of walking away and taking a break to
clear your head or doing some Google search
and finding the answers to the frustrations…you
open up your emails and start sorting through
them. RIGHT!

I mean come on right now there’s a record
number of email addresses with more being
added daily.

Just knowing that lets me know that email
marketing is alive and strong.

Not only that but it’s providing a pretty
comfortable living for those who choose to
follow this stream of income.

Email is one of the most affordable and effective
ways to get your message heard by others.


  • Retailers use it to let their customers know about
    special deals and sales
  • Affiliate marketers use it to announce new
  • Product producers use it to direct traffic to their
    new sales pages
  • Musicians use it to let their fans know about their
    upcoming tours



Those are just a few examples, so as you can plainly
see email marketing is very much alive and well.

The fact you’re here and reading this shows you want
to get started building your own email list and rightly
so. This is a good thang.

So I ask you…Shall we get this partee started?

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Getting Started: Building The Foundation


There are a few things we’ll need to get going.

These are basic but in my utmost humble
opinion very important MUST HAVES.

First off I”ll assume you already have a niche
picked out you’re going to want to build your
list with.

If you don’t then go here and I’ll show you the
basics of choosing a niche.

So, now that you have a niche selected and
ready to get started building your list you will
need these three tools:


  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Autoresponder



Domain Name


The reason you need to get a domain name
is because you’re going to want a place
where there will be content with optin forms
that are going to gather email addresses.


Plus there will be links in your content that
people can click on and buy stuff from you.

There are several reputable registrars you
can purchase your domain name from the
one I always recommend is Namecheap.

One thing I do strongly recommend is that
you only purchase your domain names
through one company. I have domain
names with two different registrars and it
would have been a whole lot easier to keep
track of them if they would have been located
in one spot.

Now then the next thingy we gonna need is:


Hosting is going to give our blog its presence
on the internet.

Kind of like a cyber address…much like your
house has a street address, well your
blog/website needs an address so people know
where to go and find you on the internet.

I hope that makes sense to ya.

As of late there has been some confusion about
who offers the best hosting.

I strongly suggest you do your due diligence here
and find the best hosting company that suit your

You will find a lot of information By using Google
or YouTube.

After you figure out your hosting you will need an:





Don’t even try to fool yourself into thinking you don’t
need an autoresponder.

This is where you can write an email ONE time and
click the SEND button and that email will be sent to
your entire list. Simple as that. They also have some
awesome looking optin forms to choose from.

It’s by far the easiest way to manage your list that I
know of.

Just Google “the importance of an autoresponder”
and you’ll see what I mean.

As far as Autoresponders go there are two of them
that I use.

One is Aweber and the other is GetResponse.

Have a look at them both and see which one offers the
best pricing plan for what you intend to do.

At the time of me writing this they both offer a free 30
day trial.

OK let’s get some things in place and get our list
building going on.

What to do:

You’ll want to either create, find or have a special
unique gift that you will offer in exchange for their
email address.

These gifts will probably vary from one niche to
the next so google your chosen niche and see what
others are offering.

Don’t be another “ME TOO” make your gift stand out
from the rest.

If your in a sea of yellow and your gift is yellow…well
it’s just another gift.

BUT if in that sea of yellow your gift is BLUE it’s going
to be seen.  WOOT WOOT

Now your gift could be:


  • software
  • ebooks
  • videos
  • short reports
  • free entry level to a membership site
  • cheat sheets
  • 5 minutes of your time on Skype to answer their

It’s got to be something that everyone in your niche
really wants and needs.

Just keep in mind that people aren’t readily handing
out their email addresses anymore because they
know doing so will mean extra mail flowing into their
already overstuffed inboxes.

Alrighty then moving along the next thing we want to
do is create a squeeze page. This is where we’ll drive
traffic to so they’ll have a chance to see your offer.

There are some key elements to a good converting
squeeze page and I cover some of them right here…ges-that-convert-258/



So head on over there cause there are some
important things you really need to know.

Since the whole objective behind our squeeze page
is to capture email addresses we need to have our
optin form inserted into these squeeze pages.

The process of doing this is basically the same from
one autoresponder to another but there are some
variations, so rather than me trying to cover everything
here just go over to YouTube. There are plunty of
videos that will teach you everything you need to know.

I would like to suggest that you make a few squeeze
pages. The reason is you will want to split test them.
One or two of them will out perform the rest…these
are the ones you’ll want to be using.

Put some content on your blog.

You’ll want to put both pages and posts on there.

Make this content interesting.

Give people a reason to want to visit your site and hang
out once they get there.

Make sure to have an about page because that is one of
the most visited pages on blogs/websites. This page is a
good place to have a couple optin forms located to get
some email addresses.

Also have a “Resources” page where you can have links
to affiliate products and if you have any, some of your

Make sure you have clickable affiliate links throughout
your content or any link that leads to a sales page in which
you will be paid for each sale you recommend.

Now on each and every page there should be an optin

I normally like to locate mine in the right hand sidebar above
the fold.

I can’t say this enough but with your squeeze pages and
optin forms ALWAYS be split testing them.

When you make any change make minor changes one at a

Sometimes it can be changing out one word, or maybe a
sentence, it might be the changing of the font style or maybe
even the font color of one word that might increase your
optin percentage by 20% or more.

I believe that’s enough for now.

Leave any comments or questions below. What the heck go
ahead and leave any complaints you have also. Later all.

Now go on…Get on out there and get that list building going on.





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