Oct 20

Are You A Shiny Object Hoarder

Why in the heck do we do it?

I’ve done it, I’m sure you’ve done it.

We see that next beautiful shiny thing
that’s either going to teach how to do
amazing things that even Houdini
himself couldn’t have figured out.

Or it’s that cool software that is going
to make creating cool looking graphics
so I no longer have to worry about
Photoshop or the hassle of hiring
someone to do it for me. Which can get
quite expensive.

We all go through this problem.

Even many of the big name IM gurus
will tell you they had this problem in the
beginning of their careers.

There is so much bull crap out there
nowadays it really is hard to sort through
what is really worth it’s value and what
needs to be tossed in the vendors

I mean here lately I’ve been guilty of this
with the software attack we’ve all been
getting bombarded with it’s hard to keep a
lid on the stop buying once in awhile .

A lot of it is the same-o-same-same-o.

They take a piece of software that had a
good launch and had good success.
The take that same software wrap it in a
different cover, change a couple minor
options inside it and…VOILA. A so called
brand new software.

Chances are good you already had the
other version already on your hard-drive and
really didn’t need to spend the money on the
revised edition at all.

How do I know?

Because I’ve bought several of these
remodeled software in the past.

How do you tell the difference?

One of the best ways is to Google the reviews
of the product your interested in firsthand.

For some of us our hard drives are so loaded
we often forget what we have bought in the past.

Yes I’m guilty as charged.

What I’ve done is made a list of all the products
I have purchased.

Keep this list on a piece of paper, a word doc of
your choice or make a spread sheet.

On this list I note the name of the product, date
purchased and the vendors name.

I also make note of the platform it was purchased
from ie JVzoo, Clickbank, etc.

Just by keeping that list and going over the reviews
you should be able to eliminate a lot of extra garbo
from entering your hard drive.

Now one other thing I’m guilty of is this.

I’ll go through stages when there will be several new
courses being released at the same time.

What do I do?

YEP…I buy them all, well most of them. lol

Then it’s like what the heck you dummy. I ain’t got time
to go through them all.

So yeah I have many many many courses that are bought
and paid for hanging around collecting cyber dust and
many of those will likely ever be seen by me again.

I mean heck, some of them are so old they’re outdated.

If you start getting inundated with all these courses you
know you want to go through, walk away. At least for 15

Ask yourself:

Do you really have the time to go through this course and
still do your activities online that actually make you money?

Does this course have info that overlaps info on a product I’ve
already bought? Chances are the answer to this question is
yes. If so you don’t need it.

Don’t let let the scarcity thing scare you. There will be another
product very similar to this one released in the near future.
How do I know? I see it happen all the time.

Hope this helps save you some hard drive space.

Leave your comments or how you get around the shiny object
hording problem below.


  1. Desana

    Hi Roy,

    Luckily, I have never skipped into that kind of habit, however, it’s very tempting and pretty hard to see the value in all the products that are on the market in our niches….. I loved your article, because except sharing the truth with us, it’s also entertaining and had fun reading it too 🙂 All thumbs up. I’m looking forward to coming back to your blog soon! Be well and wish you best of luck in your business.

    1. Roy A. Jones

      Hi Desana,

      I’m glad you enjoyed your visit here. Look forward to having you back in the near future.

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