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On this blog you will find information, tips and
strategies to help you build an email list, drive
traffic to your offers plus other internet marketing
Info that I’ve found to be helpful and useful.


The information here is tried tested and true.
This isn’t theory based claims that may or may
not work. These are strategies that I’ve actually
used myself.


So I’ll be posting the info I already know and
other tips and strategies as I learn them.


If you’re wondering why you should take any
advice from me…well, I can’t make that decision
for you.




I can tell you I’ve been personally mentored by
Ron Douglas, Liz Tomey and Rick Roberts.


Yep some of the big names, so I’ve been taught
RIGHT. lol


So back in 2010 Ron Douglas started his inner
circle and I was lucky enough to be part of that
group from the beginning till the end. He’s the
one that first taught me how to set-up a word
press blog.


I’m currently still in groups with Rick Roberts
and Liz Tomey at the time of me writing this.
And yeppers I have personnal access to both.
You can to if’n ya want. I’ll go ahead and place
their links right below here.


Click here for more info on Liz Tomey


So who the heck am I?


I’m just a plain ole simpleton. nothin special
about me. I just found myself unemployed and
saw how others were making money online.


Hmmm, I want a piece of that action is what I
said to myself. Yep, after all I hate having to do
things because the clock dictates it’s that time.
Nopers that just ain’t me. I hate that J.O.B.


Wouldn’t you know it I was on this email list
for getting food recipes but one day instead of a
recipe the email asked if I wanted to learn how
to make money online. How crazy is that?
Perfect timing…I know right.


So anyways that was how I connected with Ron
Douglas. I’ve met many other marketers online
but I’ve elected to stick with Liz and Rick.


The reason I’m still here in the internet marketing
trenches is because I never give up even when
things get a bit tough I keep going. I suggest you
do the same.


If you like what you see here on my blog you can
take it a step further and get on one of my
newsletter email lists by signing up for a freebie
or purchasing one of my products.



Roy A. Jones


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