Dec 07

A Funny Thing Happens When You Focus on Helping Others

It’s true when you change your focus and start helping
others to succeed and reach their goals your businessbegins to move forward in a positive direction.

We all got into this internet marketing stuff to create an
income for ourselves. Right?

We lose focus on everything except helping ourselves.

I get it…I did that too.

Here is the deal, and I want you to pay attention to what
I’m about to say.

When we are running our online businesses focusing
only on making that almighty dollar we rush through

That’s right, we hurry, hurry, hurry, rush, rush and rush
right on over to the next great money making opportunity.

The money never catches us because we are so
focused on making money online that we are too busy
running around trying this and that and then that and this.

You see with all that running, hurrying and scurrying
about the money simply CAN NOT catch us.

We just keep on running away from it. lol

And guess what else?

We can’t catch the money cause it’s trying to catch us. lol

Now don’t get me wrong here…

Alright Roy boy, stop the train. Now I’m confused.

First it’s slow down but yet the money still loves speed. HUH

I know I know silly me.

Here’s what I mean by slow down but still work at a
reasonable speed.

Focus on how you can help others change their lives for
the better.

People are going to pick up on what your doing and you’
are going to start gaining more respect from others in your

Now the more of an authority figure you become the less
running around you’ll have to do.

Wanna know why?

Because you are gaining the respect from others and they
are beginning to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.

Now guess what again? lol

People buy from people they know, like and trust. It’s just
the nature of the beast.

Don’t believe me.

Have a look at your own buying habits and you will more
closely understand this know, like and trust thing.

See what I mean.

Once this begins to happen you will find that when you come
across a product you really like and you recommend it to them
they are going to start buying through your affiliate links.

Here’s another thing…
Since you are becoming someone known as being
knowledgeable in your niche you can make your own products
and sell these also. Pretty awesome ehh.

And I do recommend that you eventually step out of your comfort
zone begin creating some of your own products (if you haven’t
already) because their are several benefits of having your own
products listed online for sale.

One the biggest benefits is you can start growing your own email
list. Yep…cha-ching

If you haven’t already started building an email list I only have one
question for you.


Ahh I see, yep there are a lot of reasons and excuses for not having
an email list and not wanting to get started.

I can tell you this. There is a lot of money just running around trying
to catch you but it can’t. And it won’t until you build that list.

I’ve got you covered.

A friend of mine and myself have taken the time to put together a
well polished list building course for you.

This is not some run of the mill BS so many others put out there.

Nope my name is attached to this and I don’t take that lightly.

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