3 Tools Needed To Build An Email List

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For just about every job there will be some sort of
tool required in order to complete a task at hand.


And guess what?


You got it… list building is no different.


There are three key components we’ll need before
we get started with building our email list.


Fortunately for us these three items are very
inexpensive. YAY!


So what are these much needed tools?


They are:

  1. Domain name
  2. Hosting
  3. Autoresponder



The reason you need a domain name is because
it will be a name directly related to your chosen
niche and it’s how your followers will find you.


It is also where you’re going to post all of your
content that you want your readers to find.


Your squeeze pages, landing pages, thank you
pages, download pages, etc. etc. they all need to
be placed somewhere and your domain name is
that somewhere.


Want a few more reasons why having a domain
name is so important? Obie Kabie

  • it’s gonna let your followers know that your a
    serious player in that niche
  • It will most definitely help to brand yourself or
    your image
  • it’s going to increase your recognition



If you’re ready to go get your name right now you
can do so at Namecheap.


I wrote a post on choosing a domain name a while
back ===>>


Now that we know we must have a domain name
it is equally important to get hosting for this said




Well without hosting it’s just a domain name waiting
to be used.


The hosting service is what’s going to give our
domain name an address on the world wide web.


You know like www.yourdomainname.com.


That’s the address they’ll use to come and find you.


Just like you have a street address for your house
for people to easily locate you, the same goes for
your blog or website.


Alrighty then we now know the importance of having
both a domain name name and getting hosting for it.


Now moving on to the autoresponder.


When it comes time and you start building your
email list having an autoresponder (AR) is VITAL


You get access to an AR account before you start
building your email list.


This is where all you data will be stored.


Everyone who signs up to get on your list will be
saved inside your AR account.


Plus when you want to send out an email to your
list you write an email ONE time and send it to
everyone on your list no matter how big or small
your list is.


I happen to use two autoresponders and can
recommend both of them to you.


You only need to choose one especially if you’re
just getting started with list building.


In fact I highly recommend you only start with one
so you have less to learn.


Less confusing…comprende.


They both offer a 30 day free trial so that’s a good


They also both have different pricing structures so
make sure to do your due diligence and pick the
one that will benefit you the most.


The two ARs I highly recommend are Aweber and


Those are three basic tools that will get you started
on your list building journey.


Yes there are many other tools out there but these
three basic ones will get us on the ground so we get
started with building our email lists.


Leave your questions and comments below. I look
forward to hearing your list building success stories.

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