Apr 06

Always Back Your Work Up

Always back your work up

Well I started this blog at the beginning of 2013. We are now in the early days of April and to some of you it may seem as if this is my first post on my blog. To my horror it’s not and I hope you can learn from my mistake.

You see it is always a very wise decision to back all of your work up. It only takes a few seconds to back your work up. It can also be lost in a few seconds. After that it can be very time consuming to regain lost work.

If you are writing an article in Open Office, Microsoft Word, Notepad or whatever format it only takes a second to click the “file” tab then in the drop down select the “save” or “save as”. If I can remember I try to do this every 20 to 30 minutes. You just never know when a power outage is going to happen or your IP server goes down. I’ve lost a lot of of my work by forgetting to save it. You might even forget to save that night when you quit for the day. Then your computer needs to restart to install some updates. Guess what. You just lost all that work. If you didn’t save it for a day it’s gone. If you didn’t save it for 3 days then that’s 3 days of work just gone. I don’t know about you but I have always hated to do things twice.

The same goes for your Word Press blog or website. Back it up. Some hosts will back your site for you but most only go a week back. Take my word for it, do this yourself. That way you know it’s done. And peace of mind will save you a lot of grief.

I told you how to save you work when your writing an article. So your probably wondering how to back up your website. Many site owners have lost years of work due to not not having it backed up. You see once it’s backed up you basically have a complete copy of your website. This way if it ever goes down, for whatever reason, you will have the ability to put the exact same website up online again. This is almost impossible to do if you’re going off memory. Not to mention the time it’s going to take.

You can  Google “wp website backup” and study what you come across. But the one I can highly recommend is WP Twin. The reason I can recommend it is because I personally use it on all my sites.

So that’s my take on backing up your work. Now I can get back the original business and intentions of this blog and was to concentrate on list building for the time being. I hope you like my blog and will follow my list building adventures with me. Together we can gain massive knowledge and work on building our email lists.

For now please don’t forget to to save all your work every 20 to 30 minutes. Go and at least have a look at WP Twin. The back your blog and/or websites up at least once a week, depending on how much and how often you add content.

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