Dec 23

Wipe yer shit on don Trumps face. LOL

New wipe paper

Jan 04

Goal Setting or New Years Resolution


Well your prolly asking what’s difference between the two?     To tell ya truth not a whole bunch.     You see when most of us set our New Years resolutions we just set one whole big picture and leave the fine details blank.     However when we set our goals we fill …

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Jul 28

3 Tools Needed To Build An Email List

For just about every job there will be some sort of tool required in order to complete a task at hand.   And guess what?   You got it… list building is no different.   There are three key components we’ll need before we get started with building our email list.   Fortunately for us …

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Jul 25

Let’s Get Started Building Our Email List

Pixabay Image 1060347

Well first off let me be the first to congratulate you for making this important decision to move your biz in a positive forward direction with the powerful method of list building.   List building is effective in more than just a handful of ways.   Many others always talk about loading emails into your …

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Jul 22

Why It’s Important To Start Building an Email List TODAY!

There is a very good reason why many people get scared off and run for the hills when they hear the words “YOU MUST BUILD YOURSELF AN EMAIL LIST”.   Let’s face it… at first it sounds downright scary and complicated.   I mean setting up a squeeze page. Creating or finding a freebie for …

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Jun 29

Free Ways To Build an Email List

There are BOO-KOO several different ways of building an email list so we aren’t gonna cover everyone of them here on this post for obvious reasons. It would just be WAAYYY to damned long.   First off let’s get this totally straight, you’re going to have get an autoresponder. There really is just no way …

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Jun 29

To Be Successful You Need to be Uncomfortable

That sounds crazy. All those successful internet marketing people look mighty comfortable to me.   Maybe they are today but I can almost guarantee you that they all had to step out of their comfort zone at one point of their careers.   Nobody enters the IM niche as a professional.   Everyone has to …

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Jun 16

It’s no Wonder you’re Confused

It happens everyday to people who sit down at their computers and try to put in an honest effort to get some work accomplished.   One big problem that happens most of the time to internet marketers is they’re not 100% sure as to what exactly they should be focusing their efforts on for each …

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May 17

Follow Your Path that Leads to your Dreams

We get stuck in a rut trying to figure out this internet marketing thing.   There are so many ways that actually do work and make money for folks on the internet each and everyday.   That in my opinion is why so many of us get distracted and never reach our goals.   The …

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May 14

Getting Started in Internet Marketing


Choose one niche and focus on it     It’s far better especially if you’re just at the beginning of your internet marketing (IM) career to choose one niche and then stick to ONLY that one niche until you get into the swing of things and start making money on a consistent basis.     …

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